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AT A LOSS With Mounts

Hey all,
I have my Kel tec…bought the single sling mount QD from M Carbo. I had bought a Magpul sling with a paraclip without understanding what I was buying. I bought the adapter from Magpul (QD to Paraclip). Now I am trying to put it together and the QD of this mount is larger (diameter) then the adapter and falls through or out. What am I missing? Is the QD mount from M Carbo NOT compatible with an adapter for a paraclip from Magpul? Arrrrg. My other mounts are not QD…want to keep with what I have.
Thanks for you input.

@FocuedOne If you purchased sling part # MAG514 with the para-clip and want to use MCARBO’s single point mount you need Magpul part # MAG517 QD adapter. Remove short piece of the sling with the para-clip and replace it with the QD adapter. All QD mounts are made to the same specs. Also there is a front and a back side to MCARBO mounts. Make sure you have it facing the right direction. Hope this helps.


Thanks Don68,
I have just purchased the QD-MAG517 yesterday. The MAG542 will not fit to the MCarbo QD sling mount to work with a MAG541 paraclip… I believe it will do well with MAG ASAP QD. Not sure if the Mag ASAP will fit on a KelTec sub 2000. I think not.
Any who thanks for your insight.