M*CARBO Brotherhood

Asheville Gun Show May 9-10-20

Here’s hoping things work out by then! I’m sure glad I’ve attended and purchased all I did at the last two shows.:v::grinning::boom:

If it happens, if I attend, if you attend…lunch is on me as usual. :grin:

Hope to see you there!..:boom::boom::boom:



:eye: sent an email to the event organizer to see if they will confirm if the show is cancelled or on standby…will let everyone know as soon as :eye:find out anything.

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Here’s the very prompt reply!!! :hugs::boom::boom::boom::v:

We are still on as of right now. You might want to check back the week of the show however. Thanks!

Just sent this message back to the event organizer…Mike:

Hello Mike,
Thank you for the prompt response…and good news!
Do you know what the raffle ticket gun giveaway will be this year?
I would like to suggest the Ruger 9mm PC Charger…it’s Ruger’s new release to compliment the PCC series, and I’m sure loads of people want one…including myself!
Thanks again for keeping the show going!
Cheers! __________MH

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Hope you win it! :+1:

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Thank you brother! :eye: will keep the updates coming. :boom::boom::boom::eye::v:

Asheville Gun show is CANCELLED. :scream::rage:

Glad :eye:’ve been stocking up on ammo Online, and locally at Sportsman’s Warehouse…:boom::boom::boom::grin: