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Asheville Gun Show July 11-12 2020

Here we go again. This time it says verified…Hopefully some decent ammo/gun prices…:grin::boom::boom::boom:

And hopefully the raffle ticket gun will be the Ruger 9mm PC Charger :face_with_monocle::eye: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Good luck, buddy. I’ve been to three gun shows in the last month and none of them had ammo even close to online prices. No way I’ll pay 40¢/rd - or more - for 9mm when I can usually find it online for around 25¢/rd. I did see quite a bit of powder, primers, and bullets available but I don’t reload so I don’t know if their prices were wildly inflated.

Good luck on the raffle, whatever it turns out to be! :+1:


:eye:’m fully stocked up on all ammo. If it’s not close to online prices It can sit on the shelf.

For the $10 raffle ticket “if” it’s a 9mm PC Charger :eye:‘m IN:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:


Still won’t be down there. But Asheville area is very cool.

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@Jperr if anyone has a small wish list…:eye: would be happy to let you know if the item is there, the price,

and get it for you…then send it to you…if it’s legal of course!!! :v::boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

PM me with the list and your contact info…etc.:face_with_monocle:


Thanx for the offer @MountainHunter. No wishes here tho. Enjoy the show.


Still plan to check the show out. Might have to be on Sunday. .:rage:

Should be interesting to see “IF” any ammo is to be had…or not…
or more black powder for me Cannon…:scream: :boom::boom::boom:

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Just one week to go!!! Hope the little old lady that sells tons of ammo is there again…

Still taking small orders if anyone needs anything…:boom::boom::boom::scream::grin::v:


My plans are to go at opening doors on Saturday and check things out.

All :eye: really need/want is a 40 mm ammo box for me Cannon Black Powder storage.:boom::boom::boom::boom::grin::sunglasses:


And 20 more feet of red 40 sec/ft. Cannon fuse…
and 5 more lbs. of FFFg Black Powder…:flushed::boom::boom::boom::grin:

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Going to be there @ 8 AM sharp!!! In and out in 30 minutes…
Before me wife wakes up…:eye::sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:

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Saturdays are great. My wife doesn’t get up before 12:30 and I always wake up at 6am without an alarm clock. Go to town, have breakfast, maybe get a haircut, go to the range for an hour or two, hit Wally World, the bank, Home Depot, anywhere else I need something, then home and clean the guns I used and still get in before she wakes up. If she doesn’t see it, it didn’t happen, right? :sunglasses:


Well :eye: told her and now :eye:’m on the grill…:rage::fire:

Told her :eye:’m going extra early and will turn around and leave “if” it feels dangerous with people not respecting social distancing.

Even :eye:’m concerned and a little nervous to go to this event. Is it worth it “if” I get sick…NO…:scream::rage:

We called and they are not requiring or enforcing people to wear masks…not sure if they will require social distancing either.

Just have to go early and see if people in the line will keep apart…and leave if they don’t.

The Ag Center is NC State owned…so we’re surprised they are doing this.

Meanwhile the North Carolina State Fair in September is cancelled.

Strange times…and getting stranger…:flushed::boom::boom::boom::eye:

In 12 more hours :eye:’ll be in and out of the show. :v:

All gassed and cashed up…bringing a few Ben Franklins too…:boom::boom::boom::grin:

50 people in front of me and 500 behind me waiting to get it. Nice cool morning with a breeze. They are enforcing the Covid-19 rules…no mask and no enter…:sunglasses:

Done. Didn’t spend a penny. :scream::flushed:

Of course had some Jack Azzes that wouldn’t wear a mask, couldn’t read, or care…:rage:

Not quite as many vendors as previous shows…but enough.

The little old ammo lady wasn’t there.

9mm Target ammo $20/50
22 LR Aquila Super Extra 38g hp $35/500
22LR Aquila Super Extra 40g $30/500

No 40mm ammo boxes…the only thing :eye: wanted/needed. :rage:

Best part was looking at antique guns, knives etc. :sunglasses:

Raffle ticket was NOT the PC9 Charger.

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@MountainHunter The guy under that Minuteman Ammo sign is not wearing a mask…where is the mask patrol? :mask:

@dave67 Hopefully after :eye: left a war started…:boom::boom::boom::sunglasses:

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