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Asger Short Stroke Trigger

Anyone tried this? I’m tempted to do it.
I still have to install the SS bushing in mine.
Would be the perfect opportunity to install it.


Ok … why am I so disturbed by the title graphic on their product information video.

I did not play the video. I got stuck staring at the grip half seams of a Gen 1 with its retaining collar still attached being attacked by a Phillips Head Screwdriver. That’s gonna leave a mark!


I noticed that too. Lol.

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It is not as it seems. He does a decent job on the installation.
No butchery. I even have a pair of channel locks just like his.
With the blue painter’s tape for padding, same as mine. Lol.
He points out that MCarbo sells the proper tool. That was cool.

Anyways, for $20, I think I’ll try one out. It’s fairly simple to install.
Still have my MCarbo flatty if I don’t like this one or have issues.

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That video is horrible.

This trigger arrived today. It’s not a very nicely finished product.
I installed it and the SS bushing tonight, but haven’t adjusted it.
Gonna buff it up, but don’t expect it to look as good as MCarbo’s.
But if it adjusts all the travel out, I’ll be fine with it. Ugly as it is.


New idea, I’m gonna use the set screws out of the Asger.
And using it as a template, drill and tap the MCarbo trigger.
I’ll have a pretty MCarbo Dual Adjustable Straight Trigger.