Arm Braces or short barrel rifle


Dear ATF,

I hope this finds you well. Thank you for your service to this great country.

If you are reading this I am requesting that you put me on your list of law-abiding tax payers that said "No Thank You" to your tyrannical registration scheme. As a PSA to the entire agency, remember there are millions of us, and about 5,000 of you. So, you may ask, “What side to choose”? In the words of a famous Grail Knight, “Choose wisely”.

Also, please re-read the Oath you took regarding upholding The Constitution of The United States of America and especially The Bill of Rights. If you don’t understand the 2nd Amendment, simply have any 5 year old explain it to you. If needed, ask them to draw pictures for you.

Hoping for your continued good health and well-being.

Fu€k you very much,

CC: I :heart: the FPC & GOA


Almost forgot…

Dear ATF,

Please don’t kill my dog for that bit of satire.

Kind regards,

I :heart: My Dog


Dear ATF,

Allow me to further clarify my previous two posts. I in no way condone violence, NONE (I just enjoy going to the range with my buds as well as competitive firearm matches). I am very confident most federal agents are good people with loved ones, families, and close friends that cherish and/or depend on them. This is why I wrote “choose wisely”. You will have to choose between your professional and personal life. Let’s do the math together… shall we?

  • Estimated pistol braces in the U.S.: 5,000,000 (5M is kinda low, but a reasonable estimate).
  • ATF Employees: @5,000. However only about 3,000 actual “Special Agents”.
  • Agents prefer (wisely) to travel in groups of at least 3. That equates to 1,000 total “visits” (aka 1,000 dead dogs) daily.
  • At that rate it would take, at minimum, 13.7 years to “visit” each potential owner of a brace. That estimate is for a 7 day workweek with no vacation or holidays included.
  • Lastly, no other “activities” other than unconstitutionally confiscating pistol braces and ruining the lives, finances, careers, and the families of said “brace” owners will be allowed. Also, no more of the “A” or “T” stuff you enjoy as well, just the “F” stuff. Bottom line… no more fun gigs, like arresting real criminals.

So “choose wisely” simply means… you will be forced to choose between your professional career and your personal life. It’s that simple.

And to all you Special Agents… you are more than welcome for the insightful breakdown. Hug and kiss your family when you get home tonight, and thank me.

In all sincerity,

I :heart: 556



So… if I decided to NFA the brace for free during the grace period… does that mean I can buy a can and not need another tax stamp as long as they are both on the same firearm?
I always wanted a suppressor on my Ruger Charger 10/22 and free is a good price.

Go ahead and flame away. I never had to NFA anything before and am not 100% familiar with the process.

DISCLAIMER: This is all dependent on the divers success or failure looking for the boat that sunk into Lake Texoma with all my firearms, ammo, and Chinese Flu vaccine card.


NO Dice.

The can will need its own stamp. Integrally supress it and it becomes a two stamp gun.

But, if you buy a Made in Texas Suppressor - Paxton might represent you after the ride :upside_down_face:.


Be careful with that one it can become an “any other weapon” and there are certain lengths that still apply to avoid a stamp. I have a shockwave style shotgun that is actually an AOW due to the grip design and lengths. Only a 14.5” barrel on a semi auto 12ga, but the OAL is long enough to not need a stamp.


Just hold off like many of us are and lets see what the ruling if any goes down in December.
Then may still have court battles and then we still have 3 more months (120 days) before it’s effective then we are totally screwed. :wink:
OH, and welcome to the site.