Are You Reading A Good Book?


As an Emergency Manager, I tend to read a lot of disaster related stuff. One good one is “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” I have just started into it, and it was recommended to me by a friend in the field.



It sounds like a germ warfare book that has a disastrous ending? That is some horrific stuff? Many people have to think outside the box any more? Just saying… I have been reading a number of books where the author takes you from one idea and then totally has you believing something else. I forgot what that writing technique is called.

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always find myself re-reading the old classics. right now on roaming the mountains, John Parris.

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I read Dale Jrs book on his concussions and a non fiction political thriller about real DOJ corruption during the Enron scandal.


I thought I would share these with you guys. Steve talked about the books on his show. They just came today so I haven’t started reading them or trying recipies yet.

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Atlas Obscura
It’s about the Worlds Hidden Wonders.
I am reducing my inventory of “stuff” so I generally read ebooks.
Life is short unburden your self and keep agile.



Right on, brother! Knowledge is POWER, and the mind is a terrible thing to waste?


@TriggerHappy ‘’ Boom towns&relic Hunters of Washington State’’ (Exploring Washingtons Historic ghost towns &mining Camps! by Jerry Smith
Picked this up when I was down@the Riverwood Lodge on the River in Winthrop when I came out of AK for Some Fall Colors of my Favorite Eastern Washington (home):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If any of you older, former trigger pullers are into 'Nam history and you read, pick up Flying Through Midnight; I find it interesting learning about what other guys were doing over there; I just finished this book and it’s spell binding. I have a good feeling for what the grunts were going through and I know all about running canals, but this is about the flyboys supporting CIA ops in Laos. Again, well worth the read.