Are You Reading A Good Book?


Farmers Almanac is a gold mine of information. Not a huge reader but there are so many interesting things to read in there. I enjoy reading true stories of history or nonfictional reading material. @Papapaul I am probably going to order a few of the orielly books as well. Also heard Brian Kilmeade has some really good ones.


Read Jack London’s “SHORT STORIES” especially his Klondike Adventures, “TO BUILD A FIRE” I 'll remember that story as long as I live.
We read “HUCKLEBERRY FINN” in High School, it is now banned, Mark Twain can write just like people can talk in different dialects.
Gotta go…dinner date…!


Go to CHAMBERLIN’S at the Roosevelt Mall in Lakeshore. used book store, be easy on yourself, your wallet.
e-mail me later if you want…….GOTTA GO…!


@Papapaul, My high school made us read ‘The Catcher and the Rye…’ LOL

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I wish I could read !!!:boom::boom::boom::heart:
If it don’t have good pictures I have a HARD TIME reading.


If it is coming from somewhere in SF is that served on a bowl or a BON:boom:
And do you have to flame it at the table ?


i hear there is a new jack reacher book out maybe someone will give it to me for xmas ive read all of the jack reacher books up to this one . johny cash would have made a great jack reacher character i always picture him when reading the books


They are good when they are behaving we have 22 pivots going at the moment of spuds and onions will be 30 going soon. I would rather fix a zimmatic misbehaving over a reinke(Aussie pivot).


@Craig75 Not a farmer but seen plenty of them in my region as well. That is a sprinkler for your A$$ right there!!!


Another book we were required to read in English class was LORD OF THE FLIES, that will always be with me too. Values, Virtue, Kindness, Humanity, and the thin line between being civilized or the Law of the Jungle.


@Papapaul, It looks like we used the same ‘required’ reading list? LOL Yes, LORD OF THE FLIES was/still is a classic… I dont know what the teacher’s syllabus is now but it definitely doesn’t do the kids justice? There is no imagination to ‘drive’ them any more! Everything is given/expected to them!!! That is what is so sad…


I read a novel once. It was titled “PLAYBOY”. I suffered brain damage and ever since I can not read any more unless the book has good pictures.


The SAS survival guide.


I enjoyed the"home" series. The first three books had alot of information in the story line.


I found the boy scout manual from the early part of the 1900’s was very good.

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@KM55 I will have to check it out… So many ‘good’ books and so little time? LOL

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Paul we all run across a teacher like that. Mine was a forgien language teacher. I wanted to learn German and Spanish but she killed it for me.


We were required to read " The rise and fall of the third riech" all 1182 pages. The final was based on the book.100 questions and 20 bonus questions. I only read 92 pages and got 114 questions correct.

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I still have my Boy Scout Hand Book from 1968.


That is a good resource book don’t lose it.

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