Are they trying to kill us both?

IOW, everything the ‘gov’t’ touches quickly turns to chit. We are both disabled and on Medicare. It seems the healthcare ‘industry’ gets approximately 20% higher payment rate from Medicare vs. regular health insurance which drives them to send us for more tests, procedures, etc. in an effort to make even more profit. We have since learned to say no to a lot of this silly BS as we are usually stuck for the 20% that MC doesn’t pay. And the quacks really don’t like it when you say no!


You’re exactly right


@SnuffySmiff Hey sorry to hear about your other half’s health issues and costs. Hope the healing stays on track for both of you.

Try for “financial assistance” whenever and wherever possible. I did not long ago for an operation and it was all covered.

Take care of each other as best as you can.


Sorry to hear about your situation. I went through somethimg similar with my mom.
This is the medical and insurance corporations raking us iver the coals because tehy can. Whether you have your own private insurance or not this is what they do. This has nothing to do with Obama care either. Eveyone thinks they are covered but your not.

I dont know why people comolain about socialized health care. Heck its what we provide for our active duty and retired military. Yes it may have some flawd but its free. Other countries are able to care fir their populations but we insist on thinking we would be better off with private insurance. Seriously? You oay 400.00 per month and still get charge up the back side ir better yet your insurance has limits. You still wait for an hour or more to be seen. I would rather see my tax dollar spent on caring for us the people than corporate welfare. This is unconscionable and needless.
Those if you who think your healrh insurance will take care of you have a rude awakening.
I had a doctor charge the VA 1674.00 for a 5 minute office visit. Seriously? This is what you think is good health care?

I paid over 6000.00 in charges for my wife to have a lump removed. Thise are the chages even with insurance. The medical care and insurance scamm is upside down.


Except it’s not free and actually it’s expensive.
I was a part of that system in the UK. The costs are borne by the UK tax payer and it’s not cheap. That and waiting months possibly years for a procedure makes it a very poor system.


USA #37 in 2009…where are we now? :person_shrugging::rage: 30

  • Key Findings: The top-performing countries overall are Norway, the Netherlands, and Australia. The United States ranks last overall, despite spending far more of its gross domestic product on health care. The U.S. ranks last on access to care, administrative efficiency, equity, and health care outcomes, but second on measures of care process.

I would rather have to wait for a non emergency procedure than to go broke.
Its a shame that we are rated last in our health care and spend more. That tells you that the medical amd insurance community arr scamming us all.


It’s deeper than that….:face_with_monocle:


Just an added comment. earlier this year I was ambulanced to a highly regarded regional heart specialty hospital with sudden heart attack symptoms. I had had no previous symptoms, but did have a family history. of heart disease. about a month later I was released from the surgeons care after a triple heart (open chest) bypass surgery. they had found numerous blockages and narrowings the the triple procedure “by-passed”. 2 weeks was in the hospital followed by two weeks in rehab. I recently received a final bill/statement form the heart hospital, and damn near had another “heart attack”. The total charges were $1,022,041.50. the letter said that they were reviewing the total bill with my insurance provider, but that it had been determined that my personal liability would be $1,400.00. I immediately contacted my insurance provider. (a major Medicare/Advantage provider) with a HUGH WTF question.
what I was told that the hospital had 'written down" the bill to the Medicare allowed amount—a little over $100,000. My owed amount was indeed $1,400.

I was told this is a NORMAL process; using inflated “Written-down” IE. written-off as a loss for tax purposes. They are using the billings as a way to reduce their pre-tax profits. My insurance providers agent told me that this is a common practice with almost ALL of the consumer serving medical industry. In my case they used it to bury approximately $900,000. that they didn’t have to pay corporate taxes on.


Only cosmetic procedures are non-emergency.
The rest of the procedures, either are needed asap or they are not needed at all.

My dad could have waited 9 months for the “free” MRI scan or pay for it at a private clinic. He paid for it - it detected his cancer 9 months earlier and probably gave him the 5 extra years that he had with us.


Tell that to my sister who waited a year for knee surgery and is still waiting for hip surgery, 18 months and counting.
That’s a long time to suffer pain and reduced mobility. She’s been paying into the system her entire working life (45 years) I wonder how much money she has paid in over those years? Again not free and not cheap.


When I was stationed in the UK they had so called free healthcare. The taxes on everything was outrageous. Prices on EVERYTHING were double compared to the states mainly I was informed by the civilians in PW for healthcare. There was long waiting lists for everything, there were weight standards you had to meet for non-threating surgery. If you used tobacco you had to be nicotine free for I don’t remember for any type of surgery. Basically, the government controlled everything pertaining to your healthcare. On the other hand the very rich had their own doctors & hospitals that was nearly like US hospitals. Working people couldn’t go there if you showed up, they stabilized you & sent you down to the government medical facilities. The civilians I knew were very unhappy with their government run healthcare. Check out the price of fuel & price of cars in the UK for a big surprise compared to the states.


Yep, I was one of them!
My last paycheck in the UK had tax deductions of 58% of my pay. Free healthcare is very expensive.


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That’s exactly how the medical profession works.



Just an update-Cathy has now been @ Emory CCU for 9 days and is scheduled for the L-VAD surgery next Friday, which is the earliest they said they could do it. The temporary balloon pump placed in her groin seems to be doing it’s job as she hasn’t had any major problems other than a severe lack of sleep making her cranky as all get out.
I’m not real happy about the upcoming L-VAD surgery but it’s pretty much her last resort. There can be major complications and I read last night that’s it’s considered a “bridge to a heart transplant” which her docs have also mentioned…

All prayers and well wishes are greatly appreciated!


My sincerest support for your family in these times of difficulty & prayers will follow. :pray:


@SnuffySmiff, Keeping you and Cathy in our prayers.


Praying for a quick and successful surgery, speedy recovery and peace to you and yours.


@SnuffySmiff Best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.