M*CARBO Brotherhood

Archery Division (for kicks)

Anyone wanting to throw up their used targets as Archery practice for fun??
Apply same scoring as handgun. Shoot from 10yds.
I felt the urge to destroy my pitiful 10yd HG2 entry with my favorite Martin Recurve. Doubles as good practice since bow season starts in a month. I punched a lot of holes getting 5 keepers, but heres the best round. I left the good ones where they landed and reshot anything that wasnt a kill. Heres my 20yd backyard range with neighbors privacy fence as emergency backstop :smiling_imp:

Scoring with +2 since i shoot by eye, no sights. 26 total.


Great idea, id be with you if my yard wasnt torn up right now. I have a compound crossbow


@Rob2 No rush, this is all for extra credit anyways, no expiration on entries!


This looks like fun but my yard looks like a war zone (hurricane Laura). Once I get it cleaned up I plan on doing this and more shooting comps too. I got a compound bow from a buddy for cheap a while back and need an excuse to use it. I also have a compound crossbow but that would be cheating.


got My Darton 75 wheelie, Primal Gear 50, and My antique :smiling_imp: Barnett Commando self cocking need to look in girlchilds stash cant seem to put my hands on my Little John recurve…


Now I regret selling my Bear Variable compound…