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Ar15 pistol build

I don’t understand why I can’t put a normal, sliding butt stock on it? If it’s a pistol, it doesn’t require any kind of but stock or “brace”, so what difference does it make?


You can put a buttstock on it if you do a form 1 through ATF and pay a $200 tax stamp. By putting a stock on a pistol you are building a short barreled rifle which is a NFA item.


@Cbreaz I just ordered one of these


One or more years of your life - ergo felonious.

A stock (sliding fixed or folding is a rifle component. Installing a rifle component on a pistol is legal. It makes the pistol a rifle. But it does not bring the rifle into compliance with legal requirements e.g. minimum barrel length or overall length.

A brace is a pistol accessory designed to facilitate stabilizing a pistol. A pistol is designed to be fired with one hand.

Don’t be fooled by the visual similarities between stocks and braces. Braces that slide are available e.g. sba3 variants.

And I’m not a lawyer and only fools take legal advice from folks like me.


I have two of these and a few sba3/sba4. I really like the Tailhook, but prefer the sba3 or sba4. They are all great choices.


I like the SBA’s because they use a standard milspec carbine tube, I like the Tailhook Mod 2 because it’s a little more robust. Controls on the SBA’s are more intuitive. Wrist strap on the SBA’s aren’t long enough to go around average arm, but don’t suppose anyone other then myself has ever checked…Wrist device on the tailhook is right hand only when deployed, puts wrist at bad angle when on left arm.
Either good choices, only way to go if you want an adjustable “Pistol Brace”, I run em both.


On the tailhook for a lefty … does anything prevent him, in his right brain, from seperating the brace from the tube, flipping brace 180 deg, and reinstalling brace in right brained configuration. I actually have thought this was ambi since Gearhead finally got ATF brace qualified (I watched “tailhook” clues for a year while they reviewed the product).


Now you got me wondering. I’ll check when I get home, it does separate from the tube, maybe the hook comes off after that?

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It can be flipped for a lefty.
Its on their web page:

“True one handed operation is achieved since you do not need a second hand to attach the brace to your arm. MOD 1 can be set up for right or left handed operation.”


Yea, but Mod 2 is the adjustable version. Mod 1 just goes on a
pistol tube I think. Stand by…


Ahh, I thought we were talking about the Mod 1, :neutral_face:

Molded into the outer extension piece.

Right handed

Left handed

Still like it in the closed position, have 2 so can’t be that bad.


Laughing at myself. II hear tailhook, I think:

I did not know Mod 2 was a thing.

It’s been a few years since I’ve interacted with Paul. He seems to have done well with his side hustle - looks to be the family business now. Definitely well deserved success.


I think the Mod 2 was developed around the idea that you could have an adjustable without using a milspec extension. Reduces the temptation of slipping a milspec stock on when no one is looking…



I have three of the Tailhook Mod 2…I think they are the most comfortable to put your cheek against, best looking adjustable pistol arm braces out there. And no rubber or velcro!


Thanks all! Now I feel comfortable proceeding! It’s for my youngest boy to shoot! He loves my ar! He is small for his age and with the stock all the way in it’s the only riffle that has ever fit his frame! It’s a little too front heavy with my barrel, so I’m building him one with an eight and a half. Now I know I can do it legally!


I know I’ve posted this elsewhere, but 7-1/2" AR15 with Tailhook Mod 2. Wish I had one when I was a youth! Everyone says get a flash can / sound forwarder, muzzle blast is brutal on these.


When I hear Tailhook, the only thing I think of is the 1991 Tailhook scandal in Vegas.