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AR Pistol Blow Up


@dherrle have you heard anything more back from Springfield regarding the cause of that catastrophic fail? Did they say what was wrong with the ammo to cause that?

I know the M1As have a history of slamfires…especially with ammo that does not have the primer fully seated and crimped.


Nope, all they told me was a “cartridge failure” once I get the new one I’ll try to inquire again.


@dherrle that does not make any sense to me. The ammo you said you were using is from a military grade supplier and is crimped and spec’ed for milspec use!

You were not using reloads, no eastern bloc stuff…if it cannot fire lake city ammunition then what the f*ck can it shoot?


Yep, that’s why I think it was them just pointing the finger, I had a case of 1000 of the same “bad batch” of which I have about 300 left, no issues, I don’t believe it as an ammo issue, especially as if it were truly an ammo issue, why would they replace their product if they can prove it wasn’t their product that failed, unless maybe they are a good company, but I don’t really buy it as we all know it’s just about the $$$ for Springfield.


@dherrle that IS troublesome! I really don’t know what to say, mil-spec ammo, crimped primers…if it won’t work with that what will it work for?

I love my M1As but I am not at all liking what I am hearing!


A similar but less catastrophic event happened to me.

Bought an AR 9 Pistol from PSA. Bought Ammo from Freedom. Went to the range and while collecting my brass, I found a bulging case. My range partner looked at it and said the firearm was firing out of battery. A frequent visitor to the range and reloader indicated it was an overcharged round. Either way I felt I had a problem. Contacted both PSA and Freedom. Both said it was the other guys fault but to send back the firearm and the ammo. PSA worked on the firearm for about a week, made adjustments and returned it to me. Freedom replaced all the unused ammo that was purchased at that time.

Bottom line, neither took the blame but both stood behind their products.


Poop happens and it does make returning to a comfortable position with the firearm is difficult.
No injuries to your hands or other extremities i hope?