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AR Pistol Blow Up


So I had my saint pistol blow up today, glad I had sunglasses on. It only had about 156rds through it, all lake city x193 ammo


I’m very much still an amateur to firearms so forgive me. Did that happen because of pressure or strength integrity of the firearm?


@dherrle Glad that you’re all right brother . Any idea what caused it ?


Damn! That sucks! I would expect much more out of that specific rifle. Almost gotta bet an overcharged round or a double feed resulting in out of battery ignition?
Glad your ok.


@dherrle Damn, I was looking at buying a Springfield Saint pistol in 300 Blackout. Good to hear you ok.


Yeah no idea. My supplier is hoping we can just swap it out, but now not sure if I really want it again. I have two friends with them that have had no issues. Hopefully they can figure it out. I have no idea as the root of it. Was basic factory ammo and nothing crazy


Thanks, I couldn’t imagine even a hot factory round doing that, who knows, maybe a head spacing issue. I honestly have no idea and don’t want to truly open it up to give any excuse for them not to swap / reimburse me. I just want to leave as is for whom Evers inspection


There was multiple reports of the Saint having catastrophic failures when it first released. I don’t want to talk out of turn but I vaguely remember someone posting about the breach cracking. Trying to look it up now.


No idea. I’ll update once I find out


I have not seen/ heard that with the pistol, I thought they may have had it with the original in the full size a few years back. Ide def be interested. Thx for looking


Im leaning towards a double feed. Second round struck the first rounds primer before it was fully into battery. Just a guess though. Not sure what else would cause that other than an extremely hot round. Possibly a round that had a bad crimp and when round fed it shoved the bullet deeper into the case causing the Overpressure? All speculation of course


Found this post from last year. I didn’t really find anything else but I vividly remember seeing a pic of a Saint blown up. All gun manufacturers have issues though. I don’t own anything Springfield and not trying to steer you one way or the other but it might be related.


@dherrle Glad you were not injured. Got a pic of that round and maybe the one behind it?


Makes me like my lowly PSA ARs with lifetime warranties even more. :smiley:


Here’s one I picked, had quite a few from the mag with damage. The one that did it not sure but may still be in there


Here’s one I picked, had quite a few from the mag with damage. The one that did it not sure but may still be in there


So I found this from a different forum

AR Forum on catastrophic failure

  1. Bolt “looked” like it was in full battery, but locking lug had not fully engaged 4) With no locking lug engagement, upon firing, all cartridge pressure came rearward, slamming bolt into bolt carrier, tearing/blowing off bottom of bolt carrier 5) With 5.56 pressures loose in the action, catastrophic failure ensued with Upper Assembly coming apart in areas of least resistance


Based on the position of the bolt carrier group I can say with 100% certainty this didn’t cause the kaboom.

I’d guess (and with only a single pic to go from that’s all it is) a “minor” overpressure event (dont think it was a bore obstructed by a squib, those usually look worse), or manufacturing defect.


So I got the call from Springfield, they said it was a cartridge failure. Lol not surprised, defiantly don’t want to risk any bad press on themselves, but who knows, maybe that’s what it was, I’m not an expert. They are sending a new one so I guess I shouldn’t complain, even though not 100% sure if I can trust it now, I’ll just have to run the heck out of it with my ballistic helmet and riot face shield. I was hoping they’d throw in something special or a discount for other products yet they didn’t say anything. Bad thing is they said it could take up to 30 days to get it sent, that part doesn’t seem legit. Has anyone else ever felt with Springfield’s warranty dept???


@dherrle wow that is too bad about the Saint pistol. I was just looking at one on Monday at my favorite FFL and considering buying it…now I will pass!

As far as springfield armory goes, I have a number of M1As from them with no issues. A friend however had one of the National Match rifles and had nothing but problems. Of course they blamed the ammo, blamed maintenance (neither applies in this guys case) drug their feet, he had to send it back 4 times and it took almost 6 months for them to finally replace the rifle (He was out an additional FFL & background check cost.)

I sincerely hope that is not your situation.