AR Enthusiasts: What's Next?


Got a 80% lower gonna probably do a retro 20 inch M16 style build not sure yet if not a pistol got save some pennies first


I’ve had a Aero Precision lower and a 10-22 waiting at my FFL all week.
Never could get off work early enough to swing by and pick them up.
Finally got a day off tomorrow and will be up there first thing in the morning.
The lower goes on a dedicated 22 that I’ve been running a lower from another build.
Gotta switch those lowers out tomorrow, then I’m done for a while.
Just be window shopping, gathering info and planning the next build.


After reading all the fine posts of my brothers, I decided to build my first AR pistol. Got a stripped lower from my local dealer (cousin). Broke out the plastic and ordered a 10.5" .300 BO with a SBA3 brace kit from PSA. Thought it might give me a little more velocity. Easy to assemble with the Mrs. helping. Debated on whether to get a trigger kit or go with the mil-spec. Mil-spec came in at a smooth 5lbs. 9oz. which is good for me. Also got a Sig Romeo5 they had on sale. Anyone have suggestions on blasting ammo? Hornady 110gr. Black is a little expensive for paper.


300 aac is always going to be a bit on the expensive side unfortunately


I know I want to wait awhile before starting a new build,
but I am tempted to buy a $80 16" 300 BLK barrel.
Then I would swap out with one of my 223/5.56 ARs.
I have one 5.56 with 1:7 twist and the other with 1:9 twist.
I would swap out the 1:9 twist and use my FDE mags.
All black mags for 223/5.56. All FDE mags for 300.


I’d like to put together a 7.62x25 build that takes pps mags. But so far I can’t find anything. All the folks that did work with it a few years ago seemed to have stopped. It’s very disappointing bc that’s such an awesome round!

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4 years old but might give you some sources…

I want to build one of these. by far my favorite cartridge. propritory parts though, far as i can tell

If I ever came into the coin, I would be hard pressed to choose between the Ohio Ordnance B.A.R. at $4000 and change and the Phoenix Weaponry Christine in 45/70 at $4800 starting price… who knows, I i was to marry again it would be to Christine , might have to go to Vegas and have a Elvis weddin all proper like…:+1::+1::+1:

Finnish my 9mm and fine tune my Long Range 5.56.


You could build a 45/70 Kurtz aka .458 SOCOM? Something to think about, a lot easier on the pocket.



What is ‘easier on the pocket’ with ANY rebuild? I had just finished two Custom 22’s. I am so incredibly thankful of them turning out so wonderfully but I cannot imagine a build for under $600? I am sure that it will require the purchase of a jig and some ‘other’ new tool purchase? Big smiles!


Do you already own an AR platform rifle? If so you are only building the Upper not the entire rifle. So that can be done for under $600 if you are wise and shop carefully for the parts you need. A quick internet search showed complete uppers for $595 so it can be done.



Hey, Kevin, no I do not own an AR style platform rifle. I wish I have, though! I realize it could be had (specials for just over $400 with applicable transfer and taxes.) Then there is the matter of replacing the upper assembly, which either makes a 2 for 1 set up or a designated 22 design. If I had the extra pocket scratch, I would not mind buying the 80% receiver and opting to build it. I have researched that, but not as extensive as the 80% 22 receiver market. There are a few companies that make an AR platform receiver in which one can customize a designated ‘receptacle’ to house a complete assembly, but calibers would not be interchangeable. I guess it all depends what one is interested in doing?



Palmetto in SC seem to have the rockin’ deals for all your AR needs… I believe ‘regular deals’ for uppers averaging $279. Check em’ out if you’re in the market, brother!


Lonewolf …

I think I recall you mentioning you received a drill press from your beloved fairly recently. Am I correct?

I’m asking 'cause I may have an untouched Polymer80 80% that I’d like to see you build. I bought a few when Polymer80 was a startup so mine were preordered before they ever sold a thing.

I’m willing to gift one to you. When I finally got around to doing my first build - I built on a forged lower 'cause it was wqell south of $50. If you want it … send me an address to ship to.

This post actually started here: @lonewolf … I’ve observed a bug setting up shop in your mental space. I’m familiar with the infection, so I figured this tidbit may prove helpful to you one day: I strongly suggest you start with a pistol purchase or build. If you do a build - document its start as a pistol carefully. I say this 'cause current BATFE logic makes it legal to build a pistol into a rifle and back into a pistol - you can use the lower how you like. But if you buy it as a rifle or build it as a rifle first - it will never be legal as a pistol without registering it as a SBR.



Trying to send you an email, but I am getting a message that you are ‘not accepting messages at the moment…’ :smiley:

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Just pm through the board. I legit only open email when I’m expecting a message I requested.


Damn Buck, why did you have to post the link for Phoenix Weaponry 45/70? That is Badass!! I was actually at Bass Pro looking for a Marlin 45/70 tonight after shooting Miltons yesterday.


I looked into 45/70 AR builds a while back. Kinda fell in love with Christine.
Read about having to have the rim of the cartridge milled down, turned me off.
I think you can get rimless cartridges, but price and availability may be an issue.


you can either buy the form cutter directly from Phoenix, or buy the brass already cut from them, I have a lathe, so i would have the form cutter as well, I used to do a lot of wildcat ammo, slight modification to a case no big deal. you get 50 empty brass from phoenix with the rifle, and they are gearing up to sell brass in bulk…