AR Enthusiasts: What's Next?


What will your next build be? Or current build-in-progress?

I’m taking a break, to put some money into my old truck.
But I think my next AR will be a pistol or PCC of some sort.
I’ve been looking at a S226 lower from Quarter-Circle.
A 9MM lower that accepts my P226 mags has me intrigued.
It’s $285 just for the lower, but seems to be the only one out there.

Maybe I can get some ideas from my brothers here.


The 2 builds in currently working on are a 7.5 inch ar15 that’s almost finished and a 10.5 ar10


Cool. What calibers?

I’ll need to do a lot of research to determine a barrel length for mine.
It will certainly depend on the caliber I choose. Likely will be 9MM.
And most likely the S226 lower. Then a lot more decisions to be made.


The ar15 will be 5.56 and the ar10 7.62


And I just impulse bought another lower idk what it’s going it’s going to be yet…


My next build will be an Ar9. Already have the Faxon 8.5" barrel.


Prolly 50% chance I’ll build an AR10 in 6.5 Creedmore this year. I’ve been watching for K&M Arms to offer this round in the M17s platform. If you haven’t been watching, the .308 is awesome: M17s in .308

If I buy, I’ll be skipping the build.


Thanks for reminding me I want another ar9, probably going to go 4.5 inch as a dedicated suppressor host


I’ve wanted to do a Creedmore for quite a while, but want my next one to be a pistol.
So maybe the 6.5 will be after the 9MM? or whatever pistol that I build next.

Bullpup is kinda cool, but not really my thing, but I do see a .308 build in my future.


Got a 80% lower gonna probably do a retro 20 inch M16 style build not sure yet if not a pistol got save some pennies first


I’ve had a Aero Precision lower and a 10-22 waiting at my FFL all week.
Never could get off work early enough to swing by and pick them up.
Finally got a day off tomorrow and will be up there first thing in the morning.
The lower goes on a dedicated 22 that I’ve been running a lower from another build.
Gotta switch those lowers out tomorrow, then I’m done for a while.
Just be window shopping, gathering info and planning the next build.


After reading all the fine posts of my brothers, I decided to build my first AR pistol. Got a stripped lower from my local dealer (cousin). Broke out the plastic and ordered a 10.5" .300 BO with a SBA3 brace kit from PSA. Thought it might give me a little more velocity. Easy to assemble with the Mrs. helping. Debated on whether to get a trigger kit or go with the mil-spec. Mil-spec came in at a smooth 5lbs. 9oz. which is good for me. Also got a Sig Romeo5 they had on sale. Anyone have suggestions on blasting ammo? Hornady 110gr. Black is a little expensive for paper.


300 aac is always going to be a bit on the expensive side unfortunately


I know I want to wait awhile before starting a new build,
but I am tempted to buy a $80 16" 300 BLK barrel.
Then I would swap out with one of my 223/5.56 ARs.
I have one 5.56 with 1:7 twist and the other with 1:9 twist.
I would swap out the 1:9 twist and use my FDE mags.
All black mags for 223/5.56. All FDE mags for 300.


I’d like to put together a 7.62x25 build that takes pps mags. But so far I can’t find anything. All the folks that did work with it a few years ago seemed to have stopped. It’s very disappointing bc that’s such an awesome round!

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4 years old but might give you some sources…

I want to build one of these. by far my favorite cartridge. propritory parts though, far as i can tell

If I ever came into the coin, I would be hard pressed to choose between the Ohio Ordnance B.A.R. at $4000 and change and the Phoenix Weaponry Christine in 45/70 at $4800 starting price… who knows, I i was to marry again it would be to Christine , might have to go to Vegas and have a Elvis weddin all proper like…:+1::+1::+1:

Finnish my 9mm and fine tune my Long Range 5.56.


You could build a 45/70 Kurtz aka .458 SOCOM? Something to think about, a lot easier on the pocket.



What is ‘easier on the pocket’ with ANY rebuild? I had just finished two Custom 22’s. I am so incredibly thankful of them turning out so wonderfully but I cannot imagine a build for under $600? I am sure that it will require the purchase of a jig and some ‘other’ new tool purchase? Big smiles!