AR Buffer Tube Polyurethane Washers

I have an M-Carbo buffer washer for my S2K and love it.

I also have a non-MCarbo poly buffer washer in my S&W M&P Sport II. I want to get more but I can’t remember where I sourced it. Now a search online has been useless - CDNN, PSA, MidSouth, MidwayUSA, Durkin, Optics Planet, etc.

I axed one of the online chat dudes here on MCarbo if their S2K washer would work in the AR tube and he said “Nein! Nunca!”

I also looked on Scamazon and got no joy.

Any a y’all got any ideas?



[UPDATE] I found one (1) source. Brownells. they call it a Twang Buster.

But I hate Hate HATE giving them any business after they screwed me out of a return credit (credit? what credit?).


How many do you need? I may have one. Or 2? PM me if you want