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AR 15 Pistols 9mm Glock Mags

Interested it what my be the best most affordable AR Pistol in 9mm using Glock magazines.

Have looked at the Palmetto State Armory model and the Freedom Ordinance model.

Thought & opinions welcomed.


9MM is one of the cheaper calibers to build for AR platform, if you want to go that route.
All parts are standard, except lower, BCG and barrel. Lowers cost about the same as 223.
The BCG will cost slightly more than 223, and barrels are usually much cheaper than 223.
The barrel is where it works out to be a cheaper build. Depends on exactly what you want.

Otherwise, I’d probably go with the Freedom Ordinance. A friend of mine has one of these.
It does have some feeding issues but I think it’s the magazine. But I could be wrong.

There’s also other great 9’s out there. CMMG Banshee is one that comes to mind.


I got the FX-9 last month and am very pleased with it. Finally got a break I the weather and took it to the range last Thursday. Shooting was free-standing and shoulder brace at 7 yards, 15 yards & 25 yards. I have a Vortex Crossfire Red Dot mounted that I had laser bore-sighted at 30 feet in my living room. I used factory Glock 17 mags with no issues with Augila 9mm FMJ 115 grain ammo.