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AR-15 Buttstock Adapter For Your SUB-2000?


This looks just like what I want. I’m thinking of trying one on my AR. I’ve been searching for a stock for it for awhile. $140 is a bit higher than I was planning to spend, but I really like the idea of this one.


@ValorSolo It looks cool but thinking it does not look comfortable to put ones cheek against. :thinking:


My cheek weld position is roughly 4 inches from the shoulder pad on my AR. Judging from the picture, it would be comfortably on the buffer tube just behind the clamp. So I think it would work great for the AR. The charging handle would prevent use on the S2K.


Came across this while browsing for something completely different.
I haven’t wrapped my mind around it yet, but this seems maybe could be made to work.
It’s a bit pricey for what it is and not adjustable, but it looks cool.



I think the major issue with the stock is how short it is. Meaning there is enough area for it to be shouldered. I think if MCARBO would just redesign it and give it a little more shoulder length with a slight curvature and angle the stock, it would shoulder a lot nicer. I like the shape of my MFT Minimalist stocks and how it angles from the bottom to the top. This allows the stock to roll nicely when going from the lowered ready to the shooting position. I’m not good at photoshop, so I took a picture with my MFT under my Kel-Tec. I think a re-worked stock would sell like crazy for MCARBO!



I will confirm that you are exactly correct. It fixed all stock and recoil related issues I had with the Sub. If I could clear my project que I’d draft up a 3D print spec at shapeways. Plenty of time to beat me to that punch 'cause my project que is presently overpopulated. It is a viable solution as several KTOGers have printed stocks - none that aproach the minimalist features yet.


Dred, if had the ability I would 3D print one. A 3D printer is on my list to purchase. Like you I have a few projects going.


A little project I did today.

Started with a cheap buffer tube (eBay). Did a little cutting.

A little more cutting.

Made sure the everything fit.

Should have gotten the commercial spec. Had to cut a split in the tube. Drilled some holes.

It’s still a little rough and needs some polishing. But it works. Sorta. It’ll fold but won’t latch.

And then put on the cheek weld thingy.

This stock was a bit expensive and I’ll probably end up using it on another AR build.
With the cheek weld on, the sights are not usable at all. With it off, the stock is unusable.
Add in the fact that when it folds it won’t latch, especially with the cheek weld on, it’s a no-go.
But at least I know it can be done. Or something similar can be done.


Looks nice! I ordered a buffer yesterday to experiment with. All I have is a milspec AR stock to mess with but I could remove the one from my AR to mess with as well.


I’ve got a DPMS stock that is pretty awful. I would never use it on any other build.
Seems to be a pretty damn good use for it here. Well actually, if I modified a buffer assembly,
And used a different pin that was flush when inserted, I could use any stock without modifying it.

Think I’ll go order a spare buffer assembly from KT.


One more post and I’m done, I swear.

I found more adjustment on this buttstock and lowered the shoulder pad considerably.
This made a huge difference. I also removed the cheek pad. I think I could comfortably shoot it now.
I can get to the sights easy enough, just don’t want to slam my face down on the bracket just yet.
If you’ll look at the picture below, there’s a sharp ridge in the red box that needs to be ground down.
That will give a pretty comfortable weld that could be obtained pretty quickly.

To get it to latch when it’s folded, a few rail slots will have to be sacrificed. I am willing to do this.
I have never planned to use those slots in the front. It would be the ones in the yellow box.
If I use any rails it will be the bottom for lights or grips and the rear top rail for optics.


Nice job. Well done. Inspiration to the rest of us.


Nice job… looks clean. It would be sweet if the shoulder pad had a slider on it to make the footprint smaller for storage purposes. Some kind of quick release tab.


Thanks. I got the sharp ridge where my cheek goes all sanded down.
I’m ordering Gun-Kote or similar and baking all the parts in a couple weeks.
Hoping I can find FDE that matches the sub. If not I’ll go with black.

I’ve also figured out a spare mag holder to mount on the stock, think it will work out pretty good.

Agreed. Would be sweet. This stock is completely adjustable, just not easily adjustable.


The identity of KT’s cerakoter has been posted somewhere on this forum. Word was … the FDE is a custom mix. No word on wether or not the cerakoter would be willing to share the color recipe - worth a try IMO.


@Dred, I’m waiting for a cerakote finish in your now famous TLT - Truck Liner Tan! I got the boots, just need the rifle to match👍


@Dred Spectrum Coatings , Cocoa, FL. 321-632-3018. Ask for Steve the owner.


I seen it somewhere but can’t remember what the outside diameter of the bolt? Have a buffer tube coming and want to dremel out the buffer to fit over the bolt tube.


Just throwing this out there. The 1st gen buffer doesn’t look to have the latch on it.

KT has them for $1.85.


Amazing, we not only have a great forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and advice, we have an entire research & development division. Keep up the work!