M*CARBO Brotherhood

Aprils HG1 Target

Attached is my Easter bunny for April. Shot it with my Ruger SR22


Here is my April HG 1 Ruger MK III red dot 46 points. The bunny is a very challenging target! I made a typo on the score line oops PXL_20210419_004040482|375x500


Good shooting @Bogart. Yeah, that wascally wabbit is pretty tough.

@Festus, there are several HG1 threads, and probably other divisions. Maybe you should create each division’s thread each month so they’re all in one place. :wink:

Thanks Phuzzy, not good enough though. I saw your target in the other thread. Nice strategy

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There are no losers in these contests. The competition is friendly and everyone gets better with the practice.