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April's Division A Targets


Attached is my Easter bunny target for April.


Got a 48.


I described this target’s adventures in the ‘match talk’ topic, so keeping it short here.

About 100% humidity (my shots went a bit high), and a little breeze (shots went a bit right), so I had to hold a little.

Holding is never as accurate as just aiming at a specific point, I believe. How on Earth I managed to make a double hole is beyond me. But I will pretend it’s my mad skillz, of course.

Asking why my mad skillz did not stop me from getting two nines is very uncool. Don’t be that guy.


Kudos to you for being able to shoot prone! I think I could still get down there, but I know that I’d need help getting up.

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Yep. Snap, crackle and pop now describes my body instead of my cereal.

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