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April's Division A-1 Targets


Good shootin’ @OldSpook . If I’m not mistaken (and I probably am), I think the 10x means 10.1 points.

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Many thanks @phuzzy42. I obviously wasn’t aware of the scoring of the X ring. Back in the 60’s when I was on the Cadet rifle team, the X was used as a tie-breaker.

It looks like I’m finally getting the RPRR dialed in. I’m shooting a bunch of old DCM Winchester ammo due to the shortage, and it’s turning out to be reasonably accurate. Yesterday I went up two clicks on my bipod and added a sandbag under the butt of the rifle below my squeeze bag, and that seemed to work pretty well. In this game, it seems as if ergonomics is a key factor.

Good luck, and enjoy your shooting!

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I have a ton of excuses, and me being a bad shot is not one if them!

But yeah, I’m not happy with this. Will do better next time.