April 2023 HG-2 Division scoring/targets

For participants in division HG-2.

Here is my April 2023 HG 2 10 yard center fire target.

Glock, 34 9 mm
Vortex venom red dot
Ammo type : Freedom munitions 124 gr rn.
49 Points
Standing, 12 yds



Not a lot of competition this month.

On par with the past several months really. Archives show Jan., Apr., and May last year were the highest participation in HG-2 with 3. The highest participation was Sept 2020 and Jan. 2023 with 5.

Any ideas on how to improve participation?


Reasonably priced ammo. lol


@festus Babysitter or home chef would help…
Im ashamed of my participation rate. If i hadnt lost my laser cartridge, i would at least be in HGD. Might have to clean the gun closet this weekend.


I am finishing up my ladder test for my reloads. Trying to get the best load for my 6.5 creedmoor. I will be submitting hopefully next month in the 100yard class. Its been a long but interesting journey. I know its alittle late but never too late. Can someone help me with what division i should be in please?

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@Rod you’ll be in the D1 for 100yd. Good luck and good shooting.

@Festus . Thank you sir. I am looking forward to it.

You’re welcome @Rod glad to have you aboard.

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