April 2022 M*Carbo Sharpshooter Series

April 2022 M*Carbo Sharpshooter Series

I’m adding a special “bonus score” target for this month. More on that in a bit.

Scores are pretty tight in all divisions; consistency will pay off at the end of the year. A division continues to have the highest turnout. Ammo cost and time are the two biggest reasons for our small numbers according to an impromptu survey.

We’ll continue to shoot five (5) rounds for score. You’re encouraged to submit your first target.

Iron sights continue to earn bonus points. Iron sights are any fixed or adjustable two-piece sighting systems such as peep, buckhorn or ghost ring utilizing a front and rear sight
The iron sight bonus for all rifle divisions. For our new members…
25yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive a 2-point bonus.
50yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights receive a 4-point bonus.
100yd rifle divisions shot with iron sights will receive an 8-point bonus.

Standard rules are here: Sharpshooter Rules & Guidelines Rev 5-2021.pdf - Google Drive

Reminder. Five rounds shot for score per division. Shoot as many divisions as you wish.

Our standard target is here: Standard Target Sharpshooter Series

And the X ring is here: X Ring Target Sharpshooter Series

Now about that “bonus score” target. You’ll notice there are no scores shown. Keep all five rounds in the “Keep Doing That” and earn 55 points. Here’s where things get fun. The “You Suck” areas will have an unknown deduction that’s already been assigned. This target was already in the works for this month before being posted elsewhere on the forum.
Shooting Correction Chart

Good luck and good shooting.


What if you hit “leave the range”. Im asking for a friend😆


Kinda self-explanatory, isn’t it? Seriously, it has a determined value as well.


@HandyDave When I send you a PM… remember the ‘P’ is for ‘Private’. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Can not find HG1 posting thread.

I will also have an EA target to post this evening

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That should take care of it for you.


I now need a HG2 posting Thread

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Easiest way i find the threads for mail in match is click on the little orange box that says mail in match and it opens all the sub threads in category. And the newest month threads is allways at top of list. Hopefully this helps. Its alot easier then scrolling threw everything hoping to find them. Or you can search mail in match and newest or most recent replyed to threads show up at top of list as well.


Thanks Dave, I didn’t know about the orange button


Where is the orange button ?

OK now I see it. Good info.


Glad i could be of some sort of assistance. All the sub threads have little different colored boxes with titles of main thread at bottom. Like fun things, all firearms, sub2k and so forth. It really helps find the specific threads your lookin for.


After reading about others picking a category for this target ?
Is this “bonus score” target to be used as sole replacement of a Division submittal or as a stand alone “additional score” target ?

You are allowed one target per division.

So then does it mean it cannot be used Just as “bonus” stand alone target.


  1. the lowest cardinal number; half of two; 1:

“there’s only room for one person” ·


a single · a solitary · a sole · a lone

And from page one of the rules under Targets and Scoring:

You may shoot as many targets as you wish but only one may be submitted for each division. All submitted
targets should include the date, division, shooter’s screen name, points (self-scored), firearm/caliber, sights
used, shooting position and type of shooting support, if any. This information will aid in the tracking of
scores by competition administrators and will also allow other competitors to see what gear you are using
and compare it with their setup.

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The shooting correction chart link just downloads me a blank page.
edit Scratch that, it just wouldnt display in acrobat, works fine viewed through Google drive viewer.

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Glad you got it sorted out.

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Dumb question: aren’t HG2 and HG D the same thing? I don’t see HG D listed on the rules sheet but it’s referenced at 7yd.s and HG 2 is 10yd.s ?