Apple to scan phones for photos of child abuse on ios15 update!

Patriots beware Apple has announced that it will scan phones for photos related to child abuse/ pornography. It is claiming to do this with the IOS15 update.
While we can all agree child porn is reprehensible, never trust that that is all they’re looking for.
Photos of your hardware could also be in the cross hairs, along with anything else that doesn’t meet with the Left’s approval.


Only applies to photos stored on Icloud. Never gonna fly. Gross violation of the 4th amendment and other privacy laws. Just another reason to keep stuff off the net and NEVER EVER let any device auto update. Did I say never?


One has to honor the 4th amendment for that to apply. When has the left ever given any respect to that except when it applies to them, let alone any part of the constitution or it’s amendments? Those affected will have to sue in order to stop them. In their world, you’re guilty until proven innocent


I dont have anything apple period. But my android allready reads my mind its some spooky stuff at times. Like when your talking on the phone to someone about some random stuff then get online later and there will be the pop ups advertising what you was talkin about on phone. Even though you never looked it up ever. Its happened when i have been talkin to someone face to face then get online later and theres adds for what i was talkin about. And google and all other search engines allready keep track of all your search history regardless if you delete it or not everything online stays online forever. All they see about me is i like guns and leather and chubby chicks in that order :sunglasses:


Interesting combo, pretty sure there’s a website for you out there… :laughing:


On a related issue, I still can’t fathom that there are millions out there that allow ‘Alexa’ to listen to all their verbal conversations, in the name of some convenience features.

Of course, I’m a cynic and I’m sure you’re absolutely safe, since the device only ‘listens’ when you say the word ‘Alexa’. :slight_smile:

Though, I wonder how it knows I started a sentence with ‘Alexa’ if it’s not listening to everything. But they would never capture these conversations…that would be illegal.


My Alexa better be listening to my every word, or I would have to file a warranty claim.

I am 100% certain that “they” are recording my every word, saving it to the world largest USB drive that they share with the FBI and KGB, and creating action plans to no-knock raid my home with a SWAT stack… not.

I am the most boring mf’er there is. They can listen all they want. Then they would be boring too.


Thanks. You brought a smile to my face. To each his own, of course.

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What…no snortin’ blow off a stripper’s cleavage tonight? :grinning:


@chilipepper Nope… just hangin’ out with Alexa tonight.

Did you know you could order this stuff using Alexa. I just did. Oops… gotta go now, the 3 black vans with tinted windows that deliver just pulled up.

[BTW for any Karen’s and Carl’s… it’s table salt]


Sure as hell hope so…or you really need to find a new supplier, cause that looks a bit “chunky”… :grinning:

Is that a leather cozy for your Alexa device?