Aporkalypse 2018 AR Edition


Man, I’d so LOVE to be able to do this!


@SnuffySmiff Different game firing from a whirly bird but I have seen this before and it looks like a lot of fun


Yup! If that don’t sharpen your shootin’ skillz, not much else will!


@SnuffySmiff I look at it like this though, you are doing these land owners a huge favor knocking off as many as you can cause these joker’s breed like crazy trust me I know I used to trap and house them then take them to the butcher. My uncle screwed up, we took them and pinned them up at his place. He failed to separate all the females from the males and 10 turned into 20 real fast. The price should be much cheaper considering the public service you would be providing but I guess everyone finds their niche.


Dang thats a long main transmission shaft on that Helo. your ringht about pigs, thats why when we caught em, for they went in the pens, the males were clamped/shootin blanks. LOLOL they breed faster than rabbits…


@GOBLIN we did all the dirty work trapping and roping and transporting. We left it up to my dads brother to separate them feed and water them. He was on top of it for a while but he got into the bottle pretty hard and got lazy. Sadly he’s not with us any more he drank himself to death. Anyhow the moral of the story is you either separate them castrate them or just shoot them out of the trap


Oh heck yes! When I lived in central GA, the bastids would come up in broad daylight to eat my dern pecans! Talk about enraged-you see what they’re going for in supermarkets?!? $12-14 a pound!
I went to whackin’ on ‘em right then! I later on set up a killing field and some soured corn and went to wailin’ on 'em but you could not whack em enough! They finally got so bad on a nearby commercial tomato farm that the owner started putting out poison and snares and that really put the hurt on ‘em!
After number 23 I quit counting. Me n’ Pop made a pantload of fresh sausage and Mom cooked hams until I ‘bout got sick of them. One evening I killed one from the back porch and started to butcher him up. Then I noticed the pig wasn’t all that healthy-lookin’. Seemed to have these tiny lice-looking critters all over it. After I got the guts out (this was 3AM) I thought I saw something moving at it’s spine! Sure enough, this white, flat, worm-like thing started wriggling out from between two vertebrae. I stopped right there and that carcass went to the dump that morning after it opened. Have not eaten one bite of wild pork since! I’ve asked and asked-even got a brother who has a Ph.d from the U of Ga in poultry science and even he don’t know what it was! He has even asked some of his college buds if they knew and none have a clue!
IMO, there is not a more destructive beast (pest) on the face of the Earth! They breed like flies and what they don’t eat, they destroy. Wish they could be eradicated but dunno if it’s even possible. But there is always folks that will take 'em if you offer. I need to go back down there and see my cuz and find out if there’s any still around…


Put me in a Bell 206. No way my ass is getting in a Robinson R22 or R44 ever again. :scream:


@SnuffySmiff our hunting lease would get tore up. Looked like a damn plow went through there. We had a big trap and I’m not lying we would trap them 7 at a time on the reg


@Flog Sorry to hear about yer bro-that is a real shame. You have my sympathies.

I got a stepson on meth now and him and his girlfriend just had their 4 month old took away. Reckon me n’ the missus will wind up with it. Dealing with an infant @ age 60-just what we need…


@SnuffySmiffi appreciate that buddy. It was my uncle, my dad’s brother. He went to a doctor and he straight told him if you don’t stop drinking now your a dead man walking. Well he was right. Some people just don’t have self control. He was a good dude in a bad lifestyle. But these days it seems a lot of folks are that way



Know just what you mean. My father worked part time for a local TV dealer way back in the day. The owner tried everything to get Pop to quit his job with the Atlanta Police Dept.(he was a radio tech) but Dad refused. He said he’d always have that job there(until it early killed him with a heart attack after 23 years) but the part-time boss wouldn’t quit. He’d won a bunch of vacations for the highest sales in the region and gave them to the folks and was a great guy to work for. We took all kinds of trips with his family and stuff. Had a fine house with acreage and horses and such. Then, another employee got him into alcohol and within 5 years the man lost everything including his life. Saddest thing you ever saw. Made quite the impression on me and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been intoxicated. It just ain’t worth it…


around here now, and its a freakin shame, shoot 3 or 4 hawgs, cable stake em out, then go back at night with NV and thin the coyote/diote population… the hawgs I can understan why they here, dont like it, but nature and hurricanes put the russian wild boar and tame hawgs in the weeds, but the Coyote were introduced here by DNR for a rabbit bloom we had here a few years back. coyote will breed with feral dogs, and they breed worse than hawgs…


@GOBLIN I know what you mean Buck, probably not to your extent but there is no shortage. When I lived in the stick it was nothing to see a pack roaming, now it is so bad people all the way at Jax beaches are getting cats and dogs slain by coyotes I don’t know where the boogers are hiding out there in the suburbs


ote can hide in plain sight. seen em chillin in dry storm drains, under cars in walmart parking lot, one of the females showed me a picture of a pretty dog she was trying to tame to bring it in her house, I offer to shoot it for her, since she was teaching it no fear of humans, she was shocked, till i told her what woulda happened if she had caught it…

they some naive people in this world…