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Anyone Shooting A Suppressed SUB2000 With Subsonic Ammo?

I am looking to run subsonic 9mm ammo through a Socom Ryder that I am waiting for the Tax stamp to clear. Does anyone have any experience with shooting a suppressed sub-2000 with subsonic ammo?

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There are plenty of suppressed Sub-2000 videos on Youtube.

Do you have something specific that you want answered?

I was wondering if it cycled and what kind of ammo was used?

None of them on youtube used subsonic ammo with it that I could find.

Are you asking about the Surefire?

I was thinking that the subsonic ammo will not have enough power to cycle the gun. I am buying some ammo this week and will try it out on the range. I have the mcarbo recoilless charging handle on mine and I am wondering if the extra weight will make a difference on the subsonic rounds.

I have been shooting Federal champion 9mm FMJ it’s rated at 1000fps. that isn’t that far off from super sonic at 1126 fps. I don’t have a suppressor, I wish I did. If you try this ammo and it works please let me know.

By no means am trying to tell you how to run your SUB-2000.
Me personally I wouldn’t be worrying about Factory subsonic 9mm. You’re Surefire suppressor will quiet it down to a tolerable level.
There’s not a whole lot out there in the way of subsonic commercial 9mm ammunition.If they’re still making it you could try the HUSH line of ammo www.freedommunitions.com. I didn’t care for it personally and neither did my weapon.

I shoot Speer lawman 147gr subsonic and IMI 158gr subsonic through either my Dead Air Ghost-M or Dead Air Wolf-9SD with excellent results. I pick my ammo up from sgammo.com at a really reasonable cost with super delivery time.

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Yes I Have experience with it I actually sold my sub 2000 because it was cycling far too hard and causing peening she’s with the ball carrier group as far as tied down and reassembly when it came to cleaning the spring in buffer or not strong enough to run suppressed I sold mine a little over a year ago so they may have come up with a remedy for that since then I didn’t bother to check that before I replied to your post and I was with sub sonic and supersonic ammo 115 147 and 158 were all too much for it to handle

With The bolt carrier group

Too bad you couldn’t send it back to Keltec for them to fix

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Actually Keltec has phenomenal customer service I bet if I would’ve sent it back to them they would’ve fixed it I just don’t think the gun was ever truly designed to shoot suppressed I bet if I would’ve sent it back to them they would’ve fixed it I just don’t think the gun was ever truly designed to shoot suppressed But I’m not an engineer all I know is I own a 9 mm suppressor myself which I’d run on my Glock 19 gen4 And it runs every bullet flawlessly every time hypersonic and sub sonic and also the guys over there at Mcarbo are great as well and are also knowledgeable they may have come up with a replacement part by now I’m Not much of a text or Typing person but if you want more details just give me a call 720-829-8561 my name is Jordan

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Just got done waiting “the long wait”. Took 210 days. Now have a Griffin Armament Optimus. One of the first firearms I’ll be throwing it on is a Kel Tec SUB2000 9mm Gen. 2. Acquired some sub sonic ammo from Class III Outbreak. Was expecting it to be 147 grain. It’s not though. It’s 124 grain, I believe. I asked the maker of this ammo if it’d cycle in a suppressed SUB2000 and a suppressed Glock 19. Was told it would. I was skeptical because I figured that there could be less of a charge/less heat/less powder in these rounds and if so perhaps cycling issues. Haven’t yet tried them out. For that matter, haven’t even tried out the Optimus yet either. Going to the range within the next few days and will let you know what happens. And P.S…You probably already know but just in case you don’t- Ammoseek.com is the website I use quite a bit to find ammo. Finding subsonic ammo there is simple. Then again, according to most, just about anything with a grain weight above 147 Grain will be sub sonic. I don’t know though, personally. Brand new to the suppressor world.

Fired a suppressed SUB2000 Gen. 2 9mm this past Friday. Used subsonic and supersonic ammo. Worked beautifully. No cycling problems. The subsonic rounds were a bit quieter of course. Would like to try 147 grain ammo next. So…not sure if this info will help you. But my answer to your question,-- “Does anyone have any experience with shooting a suppressed sub-2000 with subsonic ammo?”,-- is yes. I have a tiny bit of experience shooting a suppressed SUB2000 with subsonic ammo. Worked wonderfully.


Thank you. I can’t wait to try mine out suppressed.


You’re very welcome. You’re going to really enjoy your SUB2000 suppressed. Shooting a suppressed SUB2000 compared to shooting one without a suppressor felt, to me at least, almost like shooting a converted Saiga 12 compared to an unconverted one. Major difference. Major improvement.

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I’ve used mine to shoot subsonics suppressed. I’ve shot all manner of super & subsonic factory ammo, and it always cycles fine. I also reload most of my 9mm, (with cast lead powder coated), and my hot 124s cycle fine. My subsonic 158s loaded very light also cycle the gun just fine. I have been extremely pleased with the reliability of the Sub2k all around, especially using extra light reloads.

FYI, adding a suppressor will dirty up your S2K pretty darn quick.


We used a friends Gemtec GM-9 with several standard and SS ammo. We found that 160 grain flat nose was the quietest at 121 db at 6 feet/45 degrees of muzzle. The blast back is bad. Winchester 147 standard did the best in reliability at 129 db.

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