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Anyone running a 3x magnifier?

Just picked up first Sub 2k (gen 2 G17) Im running a AT3 LEOS Red dot 2 moa 1-5/8” on center. I found a reasonable 3X magnifier and eye relief is typically around 2”. Which is where the issue starts on sub2k being that the pic rail is roughly 10” from my eye. They do however mount on the front end and hang back maybe bringing back 3” max which would maybe 7”. That seems a little too far to get a clear view. So if anyone has any input I would appreciate it.


Ok. I’ll take it as nobody?


i dont have the experience using magnifiers, nor motivation to do the math, so im basically worthless responding, except to encourage you to try it! :grin::grin: After that first hurdle, you can chime in with the “how do i get this to work” thread, where i am much more likely to have some input of value.


I’ve got a 5x magnifier but don’t use it much. That 1 moa dot that’s crisp and precise unmagnified becomes a blurred star for guys like me with astigmatism. I can’t help you with mounting one on a Sub2k, mine’s on my PC9.


point your for have idea I no

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Thats cool. I guess the main struggle is the eye relief. I do not know if there is a good way to overcome a 2” eye relief There is definitely no way to get 2” away on a sub2k


I’m going to try the Vortex Micro 3x. Already have the Vortex Crossfire II and could use a little magnification for these old eyes.

$299 @ Optics Planet and everywhere else…


What is the eye relief rated in those? Thats where it looks like trouble. You using a sub2k?


Magnification 3x

Objective Lens Diameter 22 mm

Eye Relief 2.64 inches

Linear Field of View 38.2 feet @ 100 yds

Angular Field of View 7.28 degrees

Length 2.9 inches

Weight 9.55 oz

I have the Ruger PCC9 (19100)


Yup. That is perfect. Not so fortunate with the sub. I mean I know I do not “need” it just thought it might be fun at the range and reaching out a little.

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Have you thought about a pic rail extension? Don’t know if these would work but it’s an idea.

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That is a possibility maybe just changes the magnifier riser height. Maybe if I added it front and rear? Thanks. I did not know they made extensions

Challenge accepted.
Be warned, the solution may generate collateral problems though… :wink:

Steve, @phuzzy42 presented my idea, minus the QD mount I would recommend on the OEM rail lifting the extension slightly higher

The extension rail should be long enough to mount both the optic and the magnifier. They need to be close together in any case. The main problem is the rail will extend well out when the Sub is folded. Unless you want to put it on a QD or make major modifications to the receiver, that may be your only options.

As far as the QD mount, my UTG red dot holds zero very closely up to 50 yards. I have to take it off to get my 10/22 apart because I’m using an ATI tactical stock. I keep the clamp VERY tight (almost need a tool to get it unclamped) and always mount it on the same slot in the rail. You can probably do the same thing with the extension as long as you’re not planning to shoot 100 yards - any variation is magnified at distance…

Wouldn’t it be interesting to put 2 QD mounts on the pick rail extension to keep it aligned and add a small section of pic rail towards the rear of the front half?:thinking: really you can get three or 4 inches away From some of the magnifiers as far as Eye relief goes.:flushed:

What about the MCarbo red dot flip mount with the pair?

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Yes. The mount is solid, from the multitude of reviews here in the forum. I highly doubt you’d have any issues building off it. But it comes in at 5x cost of a QD mount.

Im thinking QD on my red dot and 3x on the flip mount. I emailed MCarbo to see what height that would be on center. Just playing around

PROBLEM with the Vortex Micro 3X on the Ruger PCC9 “out of spec pic rail”!!! :rage::rage::rage:

Heads Up :

The Ruger pic rail does not fit as they came up with their own mount spec…argh!!!:rage::rage::rage:

Looking into another mount that will work…if not it’s going back to Midway USA!!!

The Vortex Crossfire does fit on the rail…a little offset to the left but that never bothered me.

Also does NOT fit on the Ace in the Hole Rail by Williams…:rage::rage::rage:

Any ideas?

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pic of the issue your having brother.so i can get my head around it.