Anyone Lucky Enough To Live Here? Constitutional Carry States!


@Dane unfortunately you are correct. Our bi-sexual governor has already ordered the state police to keep background check records for a period of 5 years creating a defacto gun registry.

The thing that stinks is we fought this exact same sort of registry scheme several years ago with the last governor and won!

Yet our government is simply ignoring the court oreder and with their resources (paid by us) simply bleeding the progun groups dry in Oregon! We can’t keep going to court again and again for the same issues. :angry:


Oh, I’m quite certain they’re keeping a lot more than that. Why do you think FFLs put the make, model and serial number on the 4473 forms? “They” don’t need to know that info for NICS to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. Either a person is legal to buy a firearm or not. It’s the info on the person, not the gun, that matters. There are zero differences in background check requirements for buying a tiny NAA .22 revolver or a freakin’ .50cal BMG rifle. So, why do they want that info? Because they’re building and maintaining a database, plain and simple. That’s why there was that big push to do the 4473s electronically on-line. Viola! Instantly searchable database…



[quote=“Johnksg, post:16, topic:4653”]
I am also against the current system of background checks simply for the associated costs and redundancy.
[/quote] In WV your CHL qualifies as an alternative to the Brady Law background check. FFL’s love it when you whip it out, saving them time. Our licenses cost $105 and are good for 5 yrs. Our legislature has had a lot of assistance from the NRA and West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League in passing pro gun laws.:grinning:


@Don68 it was that way in AZ, (also would accept military I.D.) But that has sadly changed.

My FFL laughs every time and makes the same old friggen joke:

“Nope, your still not a criminal.”


You are dead on brother!


Thanks, been a member of the Brotherhood for awhile just never seem to get here as opposed to the Facebook group.

Lived in Maryland back in the 90’s as Clinton’s AWB came to be, it was crazy than, can only imagine how it is now. We must all pray and work to stem the tide of those who want to tear it all down.



Changes over the last 30 years have been ‘crazy’ and difficult to stomach when looking back at ‘father time?’ I feel so sorry for our next generation! I wish we can collectively do more to help. As you are aware that ‘history repeats itself,’ my prayer of REPEAT needs to cycle around SOONER, for sure! I am sure that as much as (some speculated) that the country didn’t need him, electing Trump had some positive spins on the country. It just depends WHO is observing? However, POLITICS discussed in this forum should be avoided so we’ll leave this post at that…



Maryland has state preemption for most but not all firearm laws…Illegal to purchase, sell or manufacture magazines with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds WITHIN Maryland. HOWEVER, possession of magazines greater than 10 rounds is legal if purchased out of state. So go to PA (which has many gun shows as well) and buy your high capacity magazines.



Yeah, I am ‘so’ aware of that fact. There are some aftermarket companies selling magazine spring kits to limit the rounds capable of being discharged. I want those BX25 magazines for my Custom 10/22 that I had just built. I won’t install those limiters to apease the government. But wait, in the coming time one might find a letter from the BATF requiring any owner of such magazine to collect any such magazine and return it to their local agency/destroy it? In 2012, I started ‘accumulating’ firearms. I had to apply with Maryland State Troopers for a Firearms Collector Permit to purchase over 2 pistols in a one year. Anything over that and one might be considered a ‘terrorist?’ Maryland has adopted so many laws since, as I am sure that you are aware! Many states have had their own issues and have followed suit. I just pray that more people join the NRA and the likes to continue to help battle our 2nd Amendment Rights! The honest civilians are spending way too much of their (our) hard earned money in order to keep our rights? It is the government wishes to financially drain us as well, for sure? They will do anything to tip the sides for their advantage! And one may wonder how the next Civil War may arise? I pray that one’s history knowledge is up to snuff…



You do not have to install limiters in your high capacity magazines that are bought out of state.



Not now, however, I am sure that the our local government has a bill on the table ready to sign… I wouldn’t do it anyway! It just seems as though the aftermarket companies are prepared to make money from us and R&D teams premeditate the mock up of these parts as the laws go into effect? Funny how things work, for sure! :roll_eyes:


@lonewolf I believe there was a state not to long ago that had a mandatory turn in of all high capacity magazines and from what I remember hearing, nobody was showing up.:laughing: So I looked it up and it is CA and they have until April 7 to turn them in, but still didn’t look like anybody was showing up.



I like to have my dark cynical side come out too when the opportunity arises! My luck, some neighbor has a bench warrant for their sorry ass and I would be the victim of an ‘accidental’ search and seizure that of course, will go wrong. Not to say that I wouldn’t win the case due to the fact of all my monthly expenditures that support CCA, NRA and the likes!!! :hot_face: (Strange that one cannot find a ‘devil’ from the emoji list???)


Alaska Here’ Prior Washington State 80’s with a Permit to Carry.
As @Johnksg has mention with all the back ground checks in past year, Their Data Base Ought to be Real Full of More Damn Information Than They Will Ever Need! Then to Make a Real Ugly Situation Worse When they come to TRY and Take Our Weapons From the Ones who have Served and Bled for this Country.
All I can say to this Very Poor Situation and That I Believe will be a Real Sh** Storm, They Had better Pack a Really Big Damn Sack Lunch’ Because we won’t go down Easy.


Actually, it can do exactly that provided it has a legitimate and rational basis for doing so. A parade or protest permit is a perfect example. The fire and building codes and other costly regulations imposed on houses of worship would be unconstitutional if the right were as broad and absolute as the language of the First Amendment suggests…“shall make no law”. Imposing those costs for what the government deems are public safety reasons is no different legally or constitutionally than imposing costs for the same purposes related to firearm purchases.

Before everyone flames me, I am not arguing that this should be done; I am simply pointing out that it CAN be done because as I set forth in detail in a different post, almost none of our constitutional rights are in fact absolute despite the absolute sounding language used in the Amendments recognizing them. All are subject to some degree of regulation. For example, none of you would argue that your right to freedom of speech includes the right to incite a riot, publish child pornography, defame others or falsely yell “fire” in a crowded theater (and if you did you would lose).

One other point. I sympathize with the frustration about the possible database capabilities and the potential threat of confiscation being expressed here and can see how one might even briefly consider positions like “They can have my guns, but they’ll get the bullets first” or something to that effect. I would strongly suggest, however, that you NOT express such positions in writing on a public forum such as this but instead wear a Molon Labe T-Shirt or something a bit less confrontational to display your feelings. If you are interested in a short history of that phrase, you can find it at this link:


Not so sure on that one. It says, “Congress shall make no law…” Fire and building codes/regulations are mostly locally derived, not federal. Many of them aren’t actually law, either. They’re just “because we say so” rules and ordnances like the BS the BATFE comes up with. It was never formally introduced in a bill, voted on, etc.


I was hoping to avoid an extended dissertation on Constitutional law, but by that logic, the states would be free to ignore the First Amendment protections of speech and religion since they apply only to Congress. That is not the case. All of the Bill of Rights was extended to the States following the Civil War by enactment of the 14th Amendment, so the reference to Congress includes the States, their subdivisions, etc. I see why you went there though based on the language of the Amendment and that is why Constitutional law is one of the most difficult courses in law school - nothing seems to mean what it actually says.
And we respectfully disagree on what constitutes a law. Roughly 90% of the “laws” that govern our lives are in fact regulations, ordinances, etc. and were never enacted by any legislative body. But that regulatory power is in fact derived by delegation from the legislative body and the regulatory authority comes from that legislative body and has the force of law. Government could not function without such delegation and you violate some of those regulations at your peril; EPA, FDA, etc.


I’m in OK where CC takes effect Nov 1st. I will keep my OK CPL, because it is accepted in like 38 states.


Definitely a good idea.

In the push for constitutional carry here in Indiana it amazes how many permit holders are against it, citing it as being unfair because they purchased their permit. That drives me freaking crazy!


That’s pretty short sighted. Keeping a permit active has other benefits like no waiting periods for buying new guns and reciprocity with other states. AZ has permitless carry, but I still keep mine current. Heck, I don’t even live there anymore. LOL

However, what I’ve seen is the autistic “reeeeeeeee” screeching from CCW instructors because their little side business under-the-table cash cow would go away greatly.