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Anyone Lucky Enough To Live Here? Constitutional Carry States!

This is the way it should be in all 50 States!


@twentythree West by God Virginia! The Mrs. and I have been licensed since WV became a shall issue state years ago.:grinning:


Been lobbying for years here in Indiana for this. Unfortunately we have your typical spineless politicians. Doesn’t affect me as i have my Lifetime carry permit here, but would love to see this passed for my daughter, who is turning 9 next month.
There is no reason in the world for law abiding citizens to have to pay, what is essentially a bribe, to exercise their God given, Constitutionally protected right to bear arms.


It is essentially a tax…now think about this, the courts struck down poll taxes long ago. The government is not allowed to assess a fee for you to practice your religion or free speech.

So why is this different?


Arkansas just came to their senses and clarified that carry without a permit is allowed. Also dropped the price of a CC permit by half.


Nevada was once a model for the country in gun rights, and part of why I moved here. But we’ve been so Kalifornicated upon I’m beginning to wonder: where to next??

(Got a bit ‘universal revenge’ news. You know the what goes around comes around kind? Well the ranking Nevada State Senate Majority Leader just got 33 months federal prison, couple mil restitution, and $250k fine for corruption over a seven year period. I had testified in 2017 as a Lobbyist before the committee he chaired considering outrageous changes to bail bond laws. This puke, this thieving martherfarker derided me for complimenting the other committee I was working with, its great ideas and strides for the future of the industry. He’s spouting off his puky narrative while stealing millions$$ to open a gay bar in Vegas, drive a Jag, live in a $6k a month condo.):face_vomiting:

When I think THIS is who’s in charge of the gun laws…Noop better if I don’t go there.


@Boomchucker I don’t remember who said it but I remember this quote.

“Distrust the motives of a person who will spend millions of dollars for a job that pays less than $50,000 per year!”

isn’t it funny how may politicians become millionaires after they get in office?


Same here. Utah should have been a CC state a long time ago. The bill has made it to the governor’s desk a few times and it always gets veoted. :roll_eyes:


@Boomchucker I can see this happening in Pennsylvania soon. East of the Delaware River is Socialism central, also known as New Jersey. North is New York, South is Delaware and Maryland. So Southeast PA is a tiny little elbow of freedom, only because of the votes of the rest of the state keep it in check. But liberalism is always on the march and they will tard up this state soon enough.


Just seen one of your lawmakers in Pennsylvania is pushing a bill to make you register your weapons with the State police. More Draconian laws being pushed


Virginia is open carry but concealed requires a permit for non LEO. But they did pass some random law a few years back that says putting your handgun in the glove box or center console is not concealing it, lol whatever. I fear for this state and the northern Virginia crooks running it.


It just ‘sounds’ like all of the lawmakers have civilians UNDER THE GUN (pun intended) and will do what is the greater good for themselves and no matter at what cost? We try to do ‘right’ in our hearts and it will end up being a ‘crap shoot’ if a confrontation should occur… It is almost becoming 'breathe at one’s own risk!!! That seems to be what the government is pushing towards and there will end up being ‘acts of violence’ in the near future? They want the gun community to weaken as a whole, don’t you see? It is probably best to just stand down and to keep writing our politicians until they are sick of hearing from us? :grinning: All I can say is, 'HOW MUCH INSURANCE CAN ONE AFFORD! I know that this angers me as well… It is just one big happy circle of BOTTOM FEEDERS!


Live Free or Die…we have CC and Open Carry. Have been like most everywhere under an onslaught of leftist attacks. The wagons are circled and being attacked from all sides from those that have moved in from the Kommonwealth of Massachusetts and other states. Nice having VT and Maine on either side with CC but VT’s mag ban is a pain in the rump.


Here in north carolina it is the same open carry anywhere unless its posted you cant and you cant carry open or concealed where alcohol is sold and consumed. Which lowes grocery store now lets you drink while you shop here and even have cupholders on carts. So nc rather you drink you a few beers while grocery shoppin with your kids then drive home then to let me carry my pistol explain that logic


Gun control is a hot button for me i hate seeing our rights being stepped on and done away with on a daily basis by people who dont even know what there talkin about. What does everyone think about this red flag law thats crossin the country like a disease


You know when the CC laws were first proposed I was adamantly against them as I was afraid it would negatively impact open carry and would in essence become another tax. (I was 100% right!)

I am also against the current system of background checks simply for the associated costs and redundancy.

Last year the state of oregon ran 17 background checks on me. Not to mention the one I did to renew my CHL. I paid $240 for the privilege of being checked again and again! :angry:


The granite state has always had open carry and permits but recently we became a constitutional carry state! Democrat transplants want to change our way of life! Live free or die!


John, do you really think you are allowed to have free speech ?



Welcome to the M*CARBO Brotherhood. I live in Maryland and totally agree with your ‘frustration’ on the magazine bans. Please continue to pray for the change in the ‘political views’ that are plaguing us so that our future can shine brightly, once again… For ALL of our sakes! I am looking forward to your contributions to our wonderful team!!!


I know that when they run a check they don’t know what firearm you may be buying, just that you probably ARE buying one. Can’t help but think that somewhere someone is keeping track of the number of your checks. Hope that info is never used by the anti-gun crowd to try to limit the number of firearms purchases a person can make in a given time period - month/year/lifetime etc.