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Anyone Having KS7 Issues?

Just purchased a new KS7 and have nothing but issues.
It misfires and only dimples the primers about every third shell.
It also will not release a new shell from the magazine tube about every other cycle.

Has anyone encountered this?
Any recommendations?


@hhlangrehr, I have been actively searching for one around the local gun stores but so far haven’t found one. Maybe I’ll take the advice of @Johnksg and wait until it’s been out for a year or so to give Kel-Tec time to work out the bugs.
Did you disassemble it and clean it good first? Kel-Tec uses a rust proofing that gets almost waxy. Maybe that could be causing some sticking issues.


I have disassembled and cleaned it 3 times unfortunately. Keltec has already sent me a prepaid shipping label to mail it to them for them to repair and return it free of charge. Hopefully they can fix the issues. I love the size and style of it. I bought a muzzlebrake and a couple other accessories that I waiting to put on it till it is fixed.
There are so few KS7s out there so far so its hard to tell if anyone else is having any issues.


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What’s the update on the.ks7?

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Ok well I picked one up to find out how it shoots. Should be delivered to my FFL 10 days. Cant wait to try it out