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Anyone Have Any Cheek Weld Padding Solutions?

Just curious if anyone has come up with any ideas to get a better and softer cheekweld solution for the sub 2-k


MCARBO bolt tube cover works pretty good for me.


@bpul2113 Yes, MCARBO Bolt Tube Cover works well and anything thicker will not allow the S2K to close all the way and latch.


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As @Texprep and @dave67 said, the MCARBO cover should work well. I can kind of vouch for what @dave67 is saying with something thicker causing a latch issue. I have the Tandemkross cover and it is slightly thicker and, while I can latch the Subby, it does seem to put a bit of a strain on the latch so I use a small padded Jandd mountain bike pump tie to hold it when folded.


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Welcome to the MCarbo Team, Brian! I am sure one of our brothers/sisters will exceed your Sub2K comfort level on your cheekweld… In the meantime, hold on to your jaw and learn about your firearm… There are brothers and sisters in this forum that have BOOKOO years of experience that will solve your problem and might even PIMP YOUR FIREARM for a ‘little’ scratch…:thinking::innocent::+1:Happy shooting!!!


We have the Tandemkross pad for our S2K, too. Ordered it the day after our first range trip where my bride cut her cheek on some casting flash on the release latch. It takes a bit of a squeeze to make the latch catch to hold it closed, but after that, there have been zero issues with it.


Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas


@bpul2113 Hi! Shooting my NIB SUB in 9mm was a soft recoil (not like a RFB, AK) but I understand consistency w/cheek. I’ve had a neck fusion a few yrs. back & find the standard sights difficult to use. With age & neck I’ve converted most all (pistols included) bang sticks to some kind of optics. Gonna try the Bushnell TRS26 on my 2000. Ordered nearly every upgrade M*CARBO has on Thursday, just as they closed & will be getting it delivered this Monday. Yes, the tube cover will be going on.



Welcome to the MCarbo Brotherhood.

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