Anyone checking out the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Not sure how many ice hockey fans we have here, but this is about the only pro sport I still follow. Anyone else following the playoffs?

I’ve mostly been listening as I’ve got to head to one of the local watering holes to watch (no TV in 13+ years), but the play has been intense. Over half the first round series matchups went to at least 6 games, with two going to 7. The second round has been pretty tight so far, lots of hard play and back-forth wins and losses.

I’m a Pens fan first, probably a Caps fan second, but I like a good game regardless (unless it’s the Devils or Flyers). At this point I’m willing the Oilers on, definitely want to see the Rangers knocked out ASAP. And then there’s Tampa Bay, can they pull off three in a row? They sure look strong…

While the pace has been frenetic with some amazing goals and hits, I think the goaltending has been nothing short of phenomenal and is what’s making this series so interesting to follow. :drooling_face:

All that said, I think it’s going to be awhile before Pittsburgh makes it back to the final, much less actually winning another bit of Lord Stanley’s silverware… :unamused:

I do Love hockey, its definately in my blood…but…
Funny thing is i almost never missed a Red wings game until 2004 when they had the lockout. It rearranged my free time so much that i met my wife, got married and bought my first house by the time they started playing again​:joy::joy::joy:. Ive never really watched or followed with the same intensity ever again, i guess i discovered better things in life that i was missing out on for 8 months of the year.

Im an original 6 fan, so its a toss up with Rangers in the mix still. Without cable TV, its hard for me to keep up with the games much anymore. I can catch the network games occasionally on the weekends, and moreso once we get into conference finals i think they end up on network primetime more often.

Tampa might become the next dynasty thanks to Stevie Y’s planning and excecution. Even though im glad to have him back home in Detroit, its too bad he isnt reaping the fruits of his labor down there.

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I used to have more allegiance to teams but now I just like a good matchup and a tough game. The speed and skill of some of the current players is impressive.

I don’t follow much in the regular season, hard to without watching and, like you, I’ve got other/better things to do with my time than veg in front of the tube (which I no longer own). I only know a few of the players in the league at this point…I could probably name more guys on the Pens squad from the '91 and '92 Cup seasons than current players on any team (including the Pens).

If we’re talking original 6, probably have to go Red Wings…cuz Gordie Friggen Howe…though Lindsey, Abel and Sawchuk (that face!) certainly deserve more than a mention. I enjoyed the “Ruswings” era (Russia produces some solid, tough players) as well and the organization has produced some serious talent and teams over the years. Normally I’ve got no issue with the Rangers, but not feeling it for them this year. I don’t think they’re quite as good as they look and their fans are some of the most annoying at the moment.

The longer it goes, the more I think Tampa might just pull off a third. I don’t thing anyone let has been nearly consistent enough to last against them in the final, but stranger things have happened. Overall, the play is really close this post season, good for the sport.

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For sure a good game, and fast moving, low penalty action, just gives me goosebumps no matter whos playing. There’s just no feeling i’ve ever had to match that moment when you realize the refs are just gonna let em play, and not get in the way.
Playoff hockey last 5 minutes of a 3rd period is about as pure as you can get without shovelling off the pond or river on a cold january morning.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
edit added punctuation so you dont get an aneurism.

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Done that a few times, hell, that’s where I learned to skate…arena ice was unobtainium, only seen when watching pro games. Still have a pair of skates (and my last stick), not sure of the knees (and hip) but it would be interesting to have a go on a freshly dressed sheet of the frozen stuff…until get over-confident and go down hard for the first time…


Who’s Stanely ? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Did someone fix a fit of finger dyslexia in the title? Just in case…

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Gotta brag a little… me at a Cup party with my dad after the wings won in 96.