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Anyone cast their own projectiles? Or swage them

I have been casting & swaging my own bullets for decades and was surprised at how few reloaders still do. Was at the range recently and was questioned about the cost of my reloads. I told them that my only costs were for the powder and primers so I could load most ammo for under a dime each, many for about a nickel. I explained that I pick up brass at the range and cast my own bullets. I have several shops that GIVE me wheel weights and I had an old sailboat ballast chunk given to me (986 lbs). Also I spent many years plumbing and accumulated a few hundred pounds from drain replacements. I haven’t bought factory ammo , except rimfire, in over thirty years.
How about you all?


Dam you were lucky with those lead finds. I havent had he chance to get back to my reloading. My wallet sure feels it.


I feel your pain, Brother.


I used to work at a shop that occasionally did tires so I got a bunch of lead weights off of them before the closed up shop. Thinking about trying to reclaim lead from car batteries. But I only cast bullets for .38 special


That’s the only lead I won’t use. The risk for injury or burns is too much for me. But I do know a few guys that do use battery lead.


I started casting back when Obummer made ammo hard to get. I do mostly subsonic loads. I have a good supply of Bullseye, Reddot, 2400, and 4198 as well as well as primers, old style lead wheel weights and I have new sorse of pure free soft lead for my cap and ball revolvers.
Here is a usefull article on cast loads. http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?13425-Cast-Bullet-Loads-for-Military-Rifles-Article


Yes it’s a great article. As a longtime member of castboolets I’ve read the article and I use cast bullets and the loads mentioned in several milsurp rifles.