Anybody Have A KSG Shotgun?!


@RegT I agree, I often say the KSG is a whole lotta good ideas wrapped up in one package. The light weight, short OAL, the ability to select from two tubes when you come into battery, makes it a hard package to beat!

The DP-12, while quality made is just to heavy, a bit to long, and a bit more complex than I care for. (Being a double in interesting but falls into that gimmick category for me.)

When I hit the woods, a rugged, reliable little KSG is often with me! :grin:



It is just like any gun owner to ‘tinker.’ That is how one learns? Thank God for youtube and vimeo… Wham, built in gunsmith! Plus M*CARBO BROTHERHOOD has your back… There’s a plethora of knowledge just waiting to dive in!!! Big smiles!


Have one and love it. Shooting mini shells in it, 1.75" long they work great. Slug,buck shot and #7 shot are available. Each tube holds 11 rounds


@Redshirt1 I have three: black, OD green, and tan. (Bought a fourth and gave it to my brother).

Some of them have seen some pretty hard use as they rode in my UTV got covered in dust, went wood cutting with me, and were a constant companion when I did fire watch and checked gates for the logging company.

They all have been shot a lot, tossed around, and generally abused…

And they have never once failed me!

It is the one weapon Kel Tec got absolutely right the first time.:+1:


I just got the grey one. I just got the MCarbo trigger kit and cheek rest in. I also put the Sig Romeo5 on it and waiting for the MBUS to get delivered and off to the range I go! I’m looking forward to it after reading your reviews. It also looks like I need to check out that new magazine switch. Thanks for all the info!


i have one in od green with a few Hi Tec and M Carbo parts installed. the trigger and spring kit made the world of difference.I LOVE MY KSG


Yep, I put the MCarbo trigger & spring kit in mine as well. Really love the difference it made.


I really like my KSG. with 22 round of Aguila mini shells in it and 12 on the rail it is not light weight. My boy even asked if he could take it on his next deployment.
I have all of the MCARBO upgrades among others.
My daughter liked it so much she was dropping her target at the range. Not sure if was the gun or her that drew all of the attention.


Thanks for checking in with me Chris. I purchased a one point bungee sling for babe and just today picked it up. In one word "AWESOME ". Two men handled it and asked me were to buy and acquire upgrades. They amazed at low prices and a bullpup type 12GA muzzle brake reducing felt recoil by 70%. One gentleman said lt would be perfect for his wife’s birthday. I something that was false, don’t remember where but claimed home defense and gun range use. In Georgia small game, birding shotguns are limited to 2+1 loaded. Hunting deer and bear no load limits. I did get the 6 notch barrel nut I’ll to order that barrel wrench do need the adapter for QD SLINGMOUNT. Thanks for the 10% discount cards. Tim



Welcome to the M*Carbo Brotherhood, Timothy. Our brother and sisterhood is at ‘your’ service, brother! Enjoy the community!

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Thanks for the welcome. I have 45s, 9 mils, 308, 300BLACKOUTS my only 12GA was real Stevens my Dad bought me back at Fort Hood. Saw Hickoc on YouTube and new love at first sight. Never have I seen or received such excellent service than Chris and his team. I take Babe every trip to the range. Even a 3" buckshot kicks like a .410. Wife & Daughter love Babe. Minimal kick nearly non-existent rise. RMR, laser and dead on. Thanks brother. I and my Dad could relate our experiences, it help to talk but the troops we lost we never forget. Blessings you and yours.:us:



Tim, I had purchased a 10/22 Trigger Kit from MCarbo during the Shot Show (just before Chris left for Nevada.) @ChrisNelson MCarbo ‘showed’ the part in stock (physically) but I could not order through the internet because the part did not show that it was stocked! I emailed Chris and he physically pulled my part and had it shipped out that day. I had the part in my hand 3 days later! I had received an email from Chris after his hectic schedule at the show making sure that I had received my item and to let him know how I made out on my installation (sharing those results with 'our brothers and sisters!) We are not just a ‘brotherhood,’ we are FAMILY!!! No other business/forum can compare… I pray that I am not ‘stepping out of line’ but if I am reading ‘correctly’ I should be thanking you for your service? I haven’t identified any type of military branch, but that is yours to identify/share! Welcome HOME, brother!


My brother in Arms, I meant no disrespect. 24 years of service with the USAF as a Security Policeman Military Working Handler/ Flight Leader (Air Force Infantry). Nine year spent at Osan Air Base, ROK too many Humanitarian missions that turned out to be TSI. These missions i was responsible for 25 enemy KIA. I cannot confirm or deny any
Humanitarian missions. Between deployments I caught 2 individuals guarding a marijuana polt on our firing range. The crooked judge released them on bond and they tried to silence me along a highway with a 22-240. their mistake was parking by a elder ladies house who identified the vehicle. the Sheriffs pickup both found the spent cartridge. the young brother turned state’s evidence and go a 30 sentence. the brother pulling the trigger got 60 years. the Parole Board release the young brother for good behavior and over crowding. Neither knew the court reporter continued recording their death threats against me.

The Parole Board tracked me VIA the USAF advising me to take precaution. Since retiring in 1999 I on had my Steven 12GA. I paid a visit with the County.Sheriff who rushed my carry permit through and recommended permits for the wife and daughter. More importantly he also recommend limiting my footprint on the Internet. The icon of the Master Chief.

My Dad was Combat Engineers in the Army for 20 Years. Agent Orange gave him cancer three time, Melinoa, prostrate. and Pancreatic cancer that the took Dad in 4 months. Dad and i had a very link only we shared as Brothers-in Arms.

My Brother Lonewolf, in the words of my Great Aunt Alice, half Cherokee "the Great Spirit guide and give you.Wisdom.



And no-disrespect taken!!! I just was unable to ‘read between the lines…’ Sorry for all of my quotes (as emphasis.) Some people do not like capitalization or bold lettering. I was born off base in Hinsdale, IL shadowing my father an Army Engineer. I will inbox more of ‘my story’ another time, when time allows, however many thanks for sharing! We all have our scars and live with many disillusioned from all fronts??? Wakan Takan Kici Un. May you and yours always walk in spirit’s love and light… My pop Douglas Poor Bear would always tell me (Lakota.) He has been responsible for helping me gain my voice over the past 20 years!


I retired to find work and now live in the suburbs of Atlanta. I still feel anger when driving by the Georgia Capital dome lined with gold from the Cherokee Homeland and the lost on the Trail of Tears. 21 mortgage payments and I want move to East Tennessee. I had colon cancer 6 years past and my has promised to return my ashes Cherokee National Forest. Sidanelvhi - Cherokee word means my Friend😀



Osiyo oginalli,

I have been around Snowbird Reservation and had spent 8 years living in Newborn, GA. My birthright is Jewish and Powhatan. I had walked a very confused childhood and spent my adulthood searching for many answers that my parents hid from me. I had spent time with some Cherokee brothers and sisters that followed some Lakota traditions (never trying to mix, but being ‘well rounded’ culturally.) I was adopted Lakota Sioux and have been following the traditions for over 20 years now, following the Red Road… I am sure that the name Poor Bear and Leonard Pelitiere causes ‘goose bumps’ for you, as well? I had met with my ‘auntie’ to learn the truth prior to her death. To honor my ‘tiospaye’ (extended family) I legally changed my name to Lone Wolf. I did that in 2016 and brought a headstone back to Pine Ridge, SD to comemorate the loss of my brother, Desmond Poor Bear (who was killed by a Tribal Police Officer.) I don’t have to remind you of ‘our’ problems… So ‘again’ as Brother in Spirit, I wish to welcome you home! Please feel free to continue this conversation and inbox me at your earliest convenience.

Donadagohvi :+1:

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My very first auction win at Gun Broker. Got me a KSG! Super excited should be arriving today at my FFL. Got the black one.

I immediately went to MCarbo website only to find that the kydex cheekpad is on backorder…


Topic: Anybody Have A KSG Shotgun?!

Answer: Yes. Yes I do! Lol

Picked it up at my FFL - Blue Fins. Awesome gun store, professional, friendly people.


Sweet! My KSG is the best “I love me” gift that I have ever bought! :+1::+1:


Watch now for the White Buffalo!