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Any Troy PAR Reviews?


Does anyone here own a PAR rifle? What do you think of the PAR? Since I live in Commiefornia and the AR Laws get more and more out of site, I bought a PAR and Like it. I also own a Kel Tec SU16CA. Now here in Cal the laws are against a telescoping stock, AR which has a magazine well, flash hider, Pistol Grip and so on. The SU shoots the same Caliber, uses the same Magazine, has a threaded barrel for a flash hider but doesn’t have the Pistol Grip which doesn’t make it any less lethal. The PAR isn’t affected with the AR laws because it is a Pump and not a Semi, does this make it any less lethal. I also built two AR15’s but built them with featureless features. Locked in the stock on one, I changed the pistol grip which puts the web of my hand above the trigger, makes it legal. the other I changed the stock which did away with the pistol grip. Changed the A-2 Flash hider to a Muzzle Brake on both. Added a locking magazine mechanism so I have to open the Action the change clips with the magazine release button.These Modifications mean I don’t have to register either AR as an assault weapon and I don’t have to register either with the State. California has a new governor so I look for the black rifle laws to get worse.