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Any Reloaders Out There?

@Dred Yeah, looking at that, thanks! :+1:


Load up a blank .22 for a hilti gun shot and drop into one of them hollowed out 12 gauge rounds for loading with binary compound (just don’t add the binary) and shoot it at a piece of heavy steel. If you see burning, it’s good powder. The slug itself wouldn’t leave burn marks on the steel.


That HF cut-off saw is what I use to cut cases for 300 BLK and it works like a charm.


ZEP reloading makes a 300 BO jig that bolts to the HF cut-off saw. I bought both but haven’t started cutting down brass for 300 BO yet.


Finished loading the test batch of 9mm with cfe pistol and 124g berry’s and Lehigh 90g Phillips. The epoxy mod on the seating stem worked perfectly, hardly get any variance now! Maybe if I try hard I can get .001" variance. The 9mm is ready for range time.

Started working on the 5.56. Testing SW ar plus with 55g and 62g fmj, and cfe 223 with 55g and 62g pills. Looking for decent accuracy, not tack driver. Next up will be 6.5cm once that’s all done I’ll hit the range with the chrono.

Also shockingly RMR’s bullets finally came yesterday! No shipping notification. Beat to hell and bags ripped open. Only a couple hundred were mixed so yeah. The fmj’s look good, the jhp meh, seems a bit of lead squeezed out onto the jacket during forming. I’m probably being overly picky. Needles to say, never ordering from them again. 5 months and 3 days.