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Any Reloaders Out There?


@Doitsouthstyle Matt that is a mixture of .380-.308 It it’s brass I will pick it up. never know when you might need it for barter.


Now the fun starts. Tumbling, resizing and depriming. Reloaded about 1000 rounds last month, .308, 5.56, and 9mm. Have a couple thousand more 5.56 resized but been too busy with work to run them through the case anealler, prime, and load up. Wife just bought me a new RCBS ChargeMaster powder dispenser/scale but other than entering load data and doing a test run of 15 loads I haven’t really had a chance to use it. I am impressed with the test run. Took about 20 seconds per cartridge and everyone was dead on.


Yesterday, I finished 3750 357 mag. Tonight I just finished cleaning up 1500 pieces of 38spl brass that I’m gonna load up before I change out the dies on the Dillion. Have the bullets cast, sized and lubed.


Where do you buy your bullets?
I read load 40 S&W. Cabela’s does not have much of a selection and it’s difficult to get the same thing twice.


If you dont mind copper plated, check out Xtreme bullets. Not sure on 40 cal but i get 9 and 45 bullets for my target loads


I do my .223 reloading on a Dillon 1050. I’ve added the mr. bullet feeder as well as an adapter in the primer position so I dont have any primer seating issues.

I trim the cases with a giraud case trimmer and custom made a wet tumbler out of a 5 gallon jug and a treadmill for about $25 dollars my cost.


I use a lot of Xtreme for my pistol caliber rounds (9,38/357&45) stick mostly to round nose and flat nose haven’t tried “hollow points” stuff tho and doesn’t look appealing for target shooting any way. I have loaded a few hundred of there .223/5.56 and runs good but I seem to like the quality of wolf and normally when in stock can get it at a better deal.


tell me about your custom tumblr!


I chopped off the tread, and cut down the rails so both rollers were close together and put some grip tape on it to get the jug to roll.


I uses a Dillion 550 with Whidden Gunworks tool heads to reload my 9mm, 45LC, .223 & 308 then I jump over to the Forester CoAx single stage for my 6.5x47 match rounds.