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Any Reloaders Out There?


My first reloading was with a Lee Whack-A-Mole, I really didn’t like it, probably because the 22oz framing hammer was the only hammer I had and I kept popping primers. Then moved on to single stage, turret, progressive then back to slower hand press. I found the hand press more enjoyable and I was almost as productive as with the bench mounted single stage. Life was good, I could do production, precision and just relaxation. Then the bug for something different bit. I decided to try the Lyman 310. It is interesting and fun! My first attempt with them:



I reload all of my 9mm on a dedicated Dillon Square Deal B, my.308 Match loads get loaded on an RCBS single stage, and everything else on a Dillon 650. I like the Lee dies myself, usually just neck size my .308 and match cases to a specific rifle.


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Since we are sharing pics of bullet performance, he is a pic of a couple 5.56x45 reloads I loaded with 55 gr. Hornady GMX bullets.

These are the lead free gilding metal bullets and are super accurate. These were recovered from a 175-200 lb hog which dropped in its tracks.


I cast and reload both pistol and rifle. I really like Lee collet dies too bad they don’t make them in 6mm!


@Texprep Thanks. Amazing uniformity of the mushroom…


Running some .308 cases through my Giraud case annealer.

Can get a whole lot more loads out of my rifle cases since I’ve started annealing them


How much to anneal all of mine and ship it back?

Seriously, automated annealing is awesome.


Never thought the investment in the annealer would be worth it until I added up how many rifle rounds I send downrange a month and how much I was spending on brass. Brass that would only last about 3 or 4 reloads before starting to crack now lasts much longer. I am up to 7 reloads on some 5.56 brass now. I have not had one cracked neck yet. I am annealing them after every 3rd cycle through the reloading process. Accuracy also seems to have improved with the uniform neck tension.



That’s my stall. I probably launch less than 20 rifle rounds in the average month. That’s 20 total .308, 30-30 & .45/70.

We’ll see if 300 BO stays fun enough (>100 in October) to shift that balance. And, I know I should be annealing 22TCM 'cause I’d shoot it more if I rolled my own.

I’ll be hitting you up for feedback if I get serious about buying or building.


Where it really saves money is in the more expensive rifle rounds. When I started paying $60.00 a box of 20 for premium .338 Win Mag and 7MM STW rounds but can load comparable or better for less that $1.00 a round savings can add up fast. I also average well over 500 rifle rounds down range a month. Mostly 5.56x45, 7.62x51, and 30-06. Even those rounds can get expensive shooting that much. Reloading is also a good way to relieve the stress from the daily work grind.


Tried a new load today in my Gen2 S2K 9mm. The load data came out of the latest Sierra reloading manual and are specific to PCC. I used Winchester small pistol primers, 6.7 grains of Blue Dot powder and 125 gr. Sierra FMJ projectiles. These loads shot great. Good tight group at 25 yards and tamer recoil than standard pistol loads. Loads are running @1350 FPS.


I had a question about brass itself. For me, acquisition of factory, once fired brass is uncommonly easy
How do you get brass for reloading? from factory rounds you have bought, shooting ranges, found out in desert where people shoot and leave brass, etc…


All of the above. Some comes from factory ammo I’ve bought. Also, I pick up a lot of brass at the range. As I go through the cleaning/resizing process I’ll inspect and toss out any that have cracks, unusual bulges etc.


I do some, when I can. .458 SOCOM as that is damn expensive, but it is coming down slowly with the rise in popularity. I also do a host of other calibers including some of the more less common stuff (think 30-40 Krag, and 38-55) both pistol and rifle. I started with Lee Single Stage, and have evolved to a Lee Turret Press.


@Squidder_K I picked up 6 or so 38-55 casings out in the desert where I was shooting a while back. I hadn’t seen that caliber before.


Some of the stuff I have is harder to find and not considered main stream ammo anymore. 30-40 Krag, 38-55, even 45-70 is not as common as it once was, not to mention .459 SOCOM is not easy to find in any store (althogh there there a few rounds that use .458 so reloading it is a lot easier than .50 or .450, which is why I chose it.


Time to clean and sort the brass.


I am guessing .380, 9mm and 45 auto.