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Any Reloaders Out There?


I’m using the same 9mm load for both my S2K and Walther PPQ M2 as both have a very short chamber leade. I’m using 5.0 gr CFE Pistol, 124 gr. Everglades Ammo Version 2 JHP bullets, CCI #500 primers. Bullets are .585" long and are loaded to 1.100 OAL. They are shooting just over 1300 fps out of the S2K and are extremely accurate.


Not quite a reloading thing but thought i would post it anyway.
These are two 9mm rounds recovered from a deer that was put down by an ISP Trooper or TFCS Deputy after being hit by a car.
I don’t know what the load was or distance from animal when shot.
It was shot through left front quarter/neck and the bullets were both just under the skin of the right front quarter.

I also have one that I recovered from an elk put down by IF&G. I think it is a .40 S&W. I will have to dig it out to check caliber and take a pic.


Not exactly reloading like you said but got to love some mushroom porn that has actually been thru living tissue rather then gel or pulled out of a berm. I hope you do find the .40 and please post the pictures


@Doitsouthstyle I’m glad you like it. I thought it was cool too.
Like you said, these show the result from a real, true, live animal. Not just a close approximation.
And I do have the other one from the elk. I will dig it out and get a pic.
I know the game officer that shot it, so I can call him and find out what load it was just for fun.


Here is the 40 S&W recovered from the elk.


as long as i’m at it I figured I’d post these too.
.177 pellets that were shot from 40 ft through an 11 inch thick Styrofoam block and impacted on aluminum realty sign behind it along with 2 UN-fired pellets.


@jeffing65 Speer Gold Dot ?


i dont know for sure. It doesn’t have a gold tinted color to it. It is regular copper color like the 9mm’s
I will call him when I get a chance and ask.
here is a pic that shows the concave bottom if that helps. .


Once again, this is not really a reloading thing, but I’m not sure where else to put it and dont think it is new topic worthy.
When im out shooting or hunting I almost always pick up brass, and occasionally I find uncommon calibers or ones I have never seen before.
This is one new to me. 25 wssm


@jeffing65 Jeff this belongs to the Winchester Super Short Magnum family of .223,.243,and .25 WSSM. It is a shortened version of the Winchester Short Magnum family of .270, .300, and .325 WSM cartridges.


@Don68 Yeah I looked it up. I dont know how I missed it. I must have been stupid that day.

I was looking at the ballistics. 3775 f/s with 75gr and 3550 with 85 gr. Dang, thats really punchin’ it out there.
That would really put the snap to them antelope.


@jeffing65 Winchester created these cartridges to have the same or better ballistics than the longer standard ones and to be used in a short action as opposed to a medium or long one.


Right, this one mimics the 25/06 i read.


@Don68 Have you shot any sabot rounds? I have a bunch of 30/06 sabots but I’ve never shot any of them.


@jeffing65 No I have not. I didn’t know they were still being made.


I dont think they are. These were given to my dad by one of his hunting buddys 10-12 yrs ago.
I will need to get them out.
I sticks in my mind that some are hand loads and some factory. I will have to look to be sure.


@jeffing65 Not sure about the reloads. I can’t recall if Remington sold the plastic sabots separately for re-loaders.


@Don68 It seems like they wouldnt. I might be thinking of some other hand loads from his buddy.
They are now both passed away, I could ask one of them, but they might not want to give up an answer. LOL


@jeffing65 Sorry for your loss Jeff. Dads are great to have around.


@Don68 Well thank you. Its been 6 yrs now and a little more for his buddy pete.
Your so right. More and more often I find myself not being able to remember the location of old homestead places, hunting spots, old old roads we were the last to travel 20-40 years ago that have now grown over etc.

He was the only one that knew a lot of those things other than me and mom. Now that mom and I have forgotten that knowledge is lost forever.
You can never truly appreciate the knowledge of a lifetime, that is lost forever, when a person dies.