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Any Reloaders Out There?


I cast and reload for both pistol and rifle, I have a number of Lyman moulds and a few modern ones from other makers. I really like Lee collet dies. I started off with a C-H press years ago and now primarily use a Lee turret.


@KM55 Hey Ken. Hodgdon Powder Company is still manufacturing Winchester 231 according to their website.


Here’s a quick comparison from hodgons site for 357 Mag 158gr 231 & Hp-38


Just curious if anyone has any special loads worked up for their sub 2000. Not interested in hot loads or anything risky, I’d prefer to stay in SAMMI specs. I’m finding the loads I’ve worked up for my pistol don’t give me the same good results from my S2K as I get from my 3 to 5 inch barreled pistols.


The load I use is my regular loading not just for my sub2k. However I am getting decent accuracy with it and it cycles dependably. I use 5gr of CFE Pistol with a 124gr JHP from EvergladesAmmo.com. EA makes their own bullets so It’s not simply purchased from them.


I reload:
.380 ACP
.40 SW

I have RCBS, Hornady, & Lee dies. I prefer the Lee for pistol and Hornady for rifle. I have a RCBS Rock Chucker and a Lee single stage presses. Prefer the RCBS. My Model 70 in 30.06 loves IMR 4064. 50gr of powder and 150gr Nosler Accubond.


That’s fairly close to what my model 70 likes. I load 53.4 gr. of IMR 4064, WLR Primers and 150 gr. Hornady SST and 150 gr. GMX. @ 2900 FPS.


I reload for .308 win, 6.5 jap, 7.7 jap, 6 br, .223, 7.62x54r, .223 WSSM, .257 Roberts .38/.357, .45 Auto and 9mm. I have mostly RCBS dies, but wanting to try other brands as I have not been very impressed with them. They seem to do no better than the much cheaper Lee dies. I love Redding, but they are pricey. Any thoughts or recommendations for dies?


Tried a new load in my S2K 9MM today. Loaded 115 gr. Speer Gold Dot on top of 6.5 gr. Power Pistol and WSP primers. Was shooting from a rest at 25 yards and shooting 5 shot groups just under 3/4 ". Actually surprised me since these old eyes don’t care for iron sights much anymore.


yes, i would be curious about that as well but in .40 with 165 or 180 grain. I have reloaded for years but only shotgun and rifle. info that anyone is willing to share would be a great leg up before starting to reload the 40 myself. I will be shooting them in my s2k and star 31p


Just picked up a Sierra reloading manual. It has a section for PCC loads. They use a 16-1/4" test barrel with a 1-10 twist. Pretty much the same as my S2K 9MM. Noticed they are using slower burning powders, guess because they can get a more`even pressure curve with the longer barrel as compared to a pistol barrel. Off to get some different powder now to try some loads specific to the PCC.


So considering taking one of my AR lowers and putting together a .450 Bushmaster together. Anyone here have experience with reloading.450 Bushmaster? Pros or cons even words or wisdom.


I looked in all my reloading manuals and Hornady 10th edition has some load data for the .450 Bushmaster.


Thank you. Very much I haven’t upgraded my Hornady yet and not a 100% sure it is in there.


There is more listed online but I’d be cautious using them if they can’t be determined to be reputable sources.


I agree I usually cross check between the 6-8 different manuals I have before using an average joes suggestion from online.


As I understand, the .450 Bushmaster is an invention of Hornady. You may not find a lot of data from other bullet brands out there. May have some luck with powder manufacturers though.


I like to use a site called (Load Data) you can find most any load there and can trust the info. R S


I am also a SASS shooter. I load 45 acp. and 44 mag. for my cowboy guns. I use a Dillon Square Deal, the best reloader for pistol calibers. I also load 45/70 from a single stage RCBS Rock Chucker. For me, it is not cost effective to load 9mm or 223.


Got to test out some loads i made up for the wifes new S&W Ez Shield 380acp today
Not much info out there for Extreme 100gr RNFP bullets as far as overall length, so i worked up 10 rounds of 4 different loads.

  1. 2.7gr Titegroup at .955oal
  2. 2.8gr Titegoup at .955oal
  3. 2.9gr Titegroup at .965oal
  4. 3.0gr Titegroup at .975oal
    As far as accuracy is concerned the 3.0gr load worked the best. Was able to put 2" group at 10 yards. 3.0gr of Titegroup is considered a max load in my manuals for a 95gr pill. Zero signs of Overpressure, so i think this is the load im going to stick with. May try a 5 round trial with 3.1gr and see what i get. I have found most times that a middle of the road load is most accurate but not in this case. May try that 3.1gr load just to see if accuracy stays the same, gets better, or drops off.