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Any Reloaders Out There?


Thought this was be great topic and hopefully eventually a good category to add to the forum.
What Calibers do you reload? What equipment do you prefer or dislike? Any particular loads you would like to share? Tons more to talk about.

For me I load a few calibers
38spl/ 357 Mag
45 acp
.243 Win
35 Remington
7mm Rem Mag

I believe that’s all I do for now tend to like Lee dies. There price is hard to be and I am not a match shooter. I do have a Hornady auto charge. Next time I get my little room straightened up I will take a few pictures.

Game Hunting With S2k
SUB2000 Accuracy

I hand load for 10mm, 45ACP and 460 Rowland. I’m set up to add 22TCM, 38/357, 223 and 300 Blackout. 45/70 will most likely make the “set up” list shortly and it will likely be the next to move from set up to loading based on retail on the factory loads. I was once set up to load 9mm but helped a friend during the drought by getting him set up to support his IDPA habit with my old Dillon 650 and my 9mm dies.

That said, I should admit that my presses haven’t been run since 2015. They include a Hornady Ammo Plant, Lee Progressive, 2x Lee Single stage, and a Lee Handheld Press.

Leading up to the ammo drought I was a twice a week shooter. I’ve been closer to 6 times a year since I started watching ammo supply and expenditures. I figure I can support 6/year for 10 more years unless I get the 45/70 going which will probably require new powder options.


Old Rockchucker single stage press. Dies for .38/.357, .40/10MM, .44spl/.44mag, and .223. Lee loadall for 12ga.


I reload for 9mm, 45acp, 223, 6.5 grendel, and 308. I definitely dont load a bunch but enough to keep me going. I use a lee single stage press. Usually load in stages, by prepping a bunch of brass for each caliber. Once my brass is all prepped I’ve gotten to where i can load up about 100 rounds of any of the calibers in about 40 minutes with the single stage. I tend to do most my reloading in the winter. Once the weather breaks its all about being outside. That being said we just had a string of about 4 days of rain so i was able to load 200 rounds of each of the above calibers during that time, in the evening after work.
One of these days ill upgrade to a turret press for the pistol calibers but probably stick to the single stage for the rifles…i believe it allows me to be more precise with my loads…at least for now


I used to reload for 7mm Mag and .243 Winchester.

But now I only reload for 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser. I have a milsurp M-96 with all matching parts numbers. The darn factory ammo is so expensive but now that I have almost 300 rounds of brass I can reload all I want and save a bunch of money without having to switch to GEICO. Also bought a bunch of stripper clips from SARCO before their prices took a jump.


What powders do you guys use for your pistol calibers? Right now I have only experimented with CFE Pistol and HP-38. And for the most part had great results.


I use Titegroup for my 9mm and 45acp. Really great results and when i catch a sale i can generally get it for $17 per pound


I reload using a Lee turret press with turrets set up for the different calibers. Latest project just completed was a 6.5 CM load using the ELDX line. Very accurate bullet.


i have been shooting from my stock of reloads for the last few years and haven’t done any reloading, but im getting ready to set up again.
I load only .223, 30/06, and shotgun now. I used to slso load .243, 264 win mag, and 270.
I do have some stuff to trade/sell I dont use or need anymore if anyone is interested.
some things are; rcbs 264 win mag dies, 2 boxes of 100+80 in third box of nosler 85 grain boat tail ballistic tip 25/06 bullets, some 338 win mag bullets and brass, some 280 rem. bullets and brass, some 243 bullets and brass, plus other misc. brass- 7mm mag, 300 win mag. pistol brass etc.

i will look through some of my old loads to share. 30/06 110 grain jsp, couple different .223 and .243 loads, and a few others.


Hey jeff, what about that 264 win mag? What rifle are you shooting that round out of?


You must be a man with fine taste. I to own rifles in all those calibers, except 264 which will be my next and hopefully final purchase.


It was a gun i shot as a kid in the early - mid 70s. Only thing It was used for was elk on occasion so I didnt shoot it a lot. I usually shot my 30/06.

I cant remember right off. It was either an early 60s win. model 70 or a browning safari. I will have to think about it. Haven’t had it in years now. it was no doubt traded to get some of my 870 wingmasters and probably a 700 BDL or two in the later 70s early 80s.

But i still have the dies, about a hundred 165gr hornady round nose bullets, a few loaded rounds and some brass.
also have a few 358 win silver tip rnds…


I do love to reload my ammo, great stress reliever. I reload for pistol, rifle and shotgun. I started with an RCBS Rock Chucker that I still use, added a Hornady ProJector, Hornady Ammo Plant, Mec 650 and 9000. I load for to many different calibers to list. Currently I am trying to make ammo for Winchester 35 SLW rifle. For loading shootgun I use MEC 12, 16, 20, 28, gage, and 410 caliber. I also cast lead bullets for my pistols. We are truly blessed in the quality of reloading equipment available for reloading. R S


I enjoy reloading too. I had a pacific and a bear for shotgun in the beginning then bought a Posness/Warren semi progressive in late 70s i think. I’ve reloaded and shot countless 12, 20, and 410, bird hunting and shooting trap. And oh yeah…
the 16 and 28 were the 2 870’s I didn’t get, and i still want the 28
didnt load pistol at all. lots of rifle calibers though with the old green rcbs single pull. which is the one i still use.


thank you, but the real credit all goes to my dad.
He really loved hunting and really appreciated nice, fine quality guns.
It wasn’t about having the most coveted name or a gun that only the elite could ever hope to own.

But this I can say, from my 6th birthday when I was given my first gun. (H&R folding 410). on up through the years when i became an adult I was given as gifts, as well as able to shoot many very nice rifles and shotguns both his and other old family friends…
Growing up we were poor but i didnt know that. My dad worked hard and made a great life for our family.
I grew up hunting, fishing, treasure hunting, roaming the desert in old Willy’s jeeps, and much more.
all the kids i grew up with including the well to-do and muck-ity mucks, wished they could have been me or just got to do a few of the things that I did all the time.

Even if we would have had money, I still cant imagine having any finer life growing up. Every boy and girl should be so fortunate and blessed to grow up as I did.
So thats where my taste and appreciation came from.


a beautiful collection is never complete, there is always some gem’s still to be found or had on occasion.
even if only shot rarely. I never shoot my fully solid and serviceable win.model 1894 32 win special.and I have 4 or 5 boxes of orig. vintage, and period silvertip rounds
my dad bought it for 25.00 in a real, old time dry goods store in Arkansas when we went back there in 1972. I was 7 then.
I have always said I will use it , if I were ever lucky enough to draw a trophy hunt tag. still hopin’ LOL
but I cant imagine my collection without it now.


Great stories. Hard to imagine that type upbringing by today’s standards.:+1:


thanks, and yes, It really is something rare by todays standards and i kinda’ feel sometimes that I am one of the very last to live that. and not just know it as a past, vanished time.

So. I hope like you, others will like some of these stories that are the threads in the fabric of my life.
My dad passed away and mom is 83 but still doing good,
I unfortunately have no wife or kids so when mom is gone I will be the end of my branch of our tree. and lost with me will be so many stories, and experiences that are worthy of being heard and known… to say nothing of how i feel having gotten to be me and not having any way of passing on what I got to have to someone else.
and thanks again for saying, It means a good deal more to me than a person might think. that someone might care to hear or even know.
I will fill in one last little bit of the story of the Winchester in the future. the incredible gun cabinet it was in…


HP-38 is identical to Win 231. And it typically runs a few dollar cheaper.


Something I find very helpful is my subscription Wolf Publishing’s Load Data site. They have the most extensive amount of load data I have found. I use it often. R S