Any issues running JHP’s with the stock feed ramp in your S2K 9mm

Due to having my S2K only a short while, I’ve only run 115 and 124gr round nose. Any issues or premature wear on the stock feed ramp running JHP’s? Or feeding issues in general?

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Never heard of hollow point/feed ramp issues, is that common?
Ive run a couple hundred theough mine with the SS ramp and no noticeable issues.


Great, just wanted to ask

Note stock feed ramp is plastic and @Stircrayzy was referring to the aftermarket stainless version. I replaced mine and can’t comment on longevity of the stock version.


I have used a product called Perma-Slick on the stock feed ramp. I use the rattle can variety. We used it on artillery. No problems with hollow points on the feed ramp there. The loader rammer on the 8” artillery is the only place where I ever saw a device that pushed a chain. It sounds just about as implausible as you could imagine. But keep it lubed and it is quieter than the firing of the system.

Interesting, Thanks!

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Where did you find yours? Was hoping Amazon offered it, but only looked quick

This is one place. I think searching a bit you may find some at an aircraft supply store. I misspelled it. It is Perma-slik. Sorry

Thanks so much, so as far as you can tell, the dry lubricant isn’t an issue when it comes to things like killing primers😀
Thanks again!