Any Fishermen In The Group?


I’ve always wanted to smuggle about a 100# halibut out to the end of the jetties here, then walk back in with it over my back. People here would freak out thinking it was a world record Southern Flounder.


@Texprep I just Spewed my beer on that One ! Damn it that’s Funny!:joy:


@Texprep @jeffing65 And all the rest of my Brothers Above ! It took me a while to find It in my Stash’ a little Piece of AK History

950 LB Halibut Caught in Pelican AK 1956


WOW, Awesome fish. Do you know how far south halibut range. I am going to be in Oregon in September. Do you know if they range that far south.


They used too but the way the have been Depleted by Over fishing and bad Management of the Fisheries. They have Pretty much Destroyed it in last 20 years.


I have decided to pull the trigger on a new Kayak. I sold my Hobie and my Necky before moving north. Now it is time to get wet again, and get out there in the Pacific North West. I had to think long and hard on this one. I wanted a lighter boat, sub 50 pounds would of been great but that price point gets really expensive fast. WHile there are some good thermos molded boats in Eddyline, the shape and shortness of the boat leads me to believe it won’t have the glide and speed that I am wanting. As I want this boat to be multi-purpose (fishing, rec, and light touring) The boat had to be thinner than a conventional rotomolded boat (which are getting fatter and fatter every year), lighter than the average 13 foot rotomolded kayak, internal storage for rods and other equipment to make it through the surf, great gliding capability, good maneuverability, and still be useful to go after some crabs, or paddle next tot he GF, and had to be a sit on top. Ultimately this eliminated every peddle boat out there as they are all starting to push the hundred pound class or more. With exception of Eddyline, and some of the entry level surf ski boats there was only two kayak makers left, Stealth and Kazkasi Katana would be the dream yak, they are really hard to find in the US, so I am going for the Stealth Fisha 555, a newer model for bigger kayakers. It meets my needs, a little more than what I want to spend but it is also a minimalist boat which is what I have learned over time is a better way to go IMHO. Until Hobie gets it lame production line out of the rotomold only and adapt to making lighter boats like they do for their Catamaran sailing boats, it will be a while before I cross over to a peddle drive.


Holy mother of god!! that Flat fish would sink our boat and I would be on the next episode of “unsolved Mysteries” lol


It’s on! Skiing dominates the mountain in winter and it has been an epic one at Northstar this year. But now we’ve had a succession of 47 degree days, spring is in the air and Lake Tahoe is starting to wake up.

We have a new outfitter this year, offering professional fly fishing trips on the Truckee River and Lake Tahoe. Shot right in Truckee Town, this is my co worker with renowned Naturalist/Biologist and fly fisherman Matt Heron, and a very tasty looking rainbow trout. (My deal stands as always: you hook’em, I’ll cook’em!)

Thanks to all the snow and a 195% snowpack, the river’s running high. I’ve mentioned before, but any Brother wants to visit Lake Tahoe, send me a PM. Ski season ends April 21. I got the hookup for 2br Deluxe Villas from $99/night👍