Any Fishermen In The Group?


@twentythree Troy I just had breakfast and now I’m hungry again. God that looks delicious .:grinning:


Damn I wish you’d would quit posting those food pictures. Having a hard time explaining the tooth marks on my phone. LMAO! Looks good!


From Buchanan TN. I chase crappie mostly, then catfish and bream. Lotsa largemouth bass around as well. Getting a fresh supply of asian carp. Wow these things devastating. Must have competed with algae_plankton that baitfish fed on, in turn crappie and bass ate. Our numbers and poundage that FLW tour caught were soooo low this past yesr. I caught limits of crappie that biggest fish was only 12 inches. Where every other year that would be smallest. This year starting off better with14 inchers. I attribute this to the big die off of asians last year. Kentucky Lake still great place to fish.


Thanks guys. I love to fish and hunt! Cooking the stuff we catch and sharing with friends and family is a huge part of it for me, it really adds to the total enjoyment of the whole experience. There’s nothing better imo :+1:t2:


Stephenlynn - We fished the heck out of Grass Carp when seeing what they did to Lake Conroe. We would bring a bag of horse and cattle sweet feed and dump some in 3 of 4 areas with water depths of 3 to 5 feet, go bass fish for a while, and then come back a little later setting up 20 30 yds from the bait spots. Our gear was pretty standard bass worm gear rigged Texas style. We’d bait up using dry (ish) dog food you could put a hook through, cast out, and hold on. Carp would pick up and start peeling of line. Small carp (10 lbs or so) would sometimes tail-walk with pressure, larger ones could just take every bit of your line and not slow down. Have no idea how big they got, but we landed 25 pounders so they had to be well north of that weight. Actually took a couple home to try. Meat is very white, very sweet. Bones are big in fish that size so not a huge deal.


fishing (fish-ing)

1.n. the art of casting,trolling,jigging,or spinning while freezing,sweating,swatting,or swearing.

I have BTDT, got the T-shirt and done wore it slap out! Which reminds me: do you know the two best days in a boat owner’s life? The day he buys the boat and the day he sells it! So, does anybody wanna buy an old BassTracker with rotten decks? Hasn’t run in years, too!

Note: off-topic crackhead update- it has been a really great day-both the crackheads are now sitting in jail and the judge won’t be in town for 5 more weeks! Guess they’ll detox now, fer sure!


@SnuffySmiff LOL That’s sorta’ like the old west. Waiting for the Territorial Judge to make it back into town, about twice a year. hahahaha.
That could be a long wait in Crack-o-Ville eh?

And I have a sweat shirt that says “I Fish, Therefore I Am”





Off topic: I spoke with a jailer last evening-both crackheads are desperately calling bondsmen… …with no luck-so far-LMAO! I reckon ‘them bugs are now crawling’ all over the both of them about now-as it’s now been 5 days in lockup…


Love fishing I fish mostly pike,musky,bluegills,yellow perch,catfish



Good eats!! Can’t wait until spring Michigan winters are long and cold


@M.Holewa Gotta’ love the bluegill and yellow perch.:+1: I also fish for small mouth bass and walleye here.


A few year’s ago,130 pd Butt!,5ft’ 4’’ Inches I’m on the Left, My Stepson middle, and Buddy Jay. The 3 Original Bubba Shrimp Factory Alaska Style!!:grin:
Fishing off Vanderbuilt Reef 350 ft Stephens Passage, a few more in boat still
2@75pds 1@180pds 1@100 pds. We Caught and Released 30 that day Nothing under 30 pds. I had fished that hole for years nothing like it, all bunched up and no where to go. Was Hardly time to drink a beer during the day.:heart_eyes:


Nice fish, and my favorite on the grill. Cook with lemon butter and Cajun seasoning or picante sauce. Have a friend that flies for continental airlines. He’s up there a lot and always bringing back halibut. I trade him elk meat for halibut. Good deal for both of us.


@Texprep That is a good deal !:+1: But The (Too Die For is Baked Alaskan Butt’)
(2) Cups of Mayo!, (2) Cups Sour Cream!, < (No Low Fat on These 2) Minced Garlic a couple Tea Spoons, Fresh Mushrooms Sliced (1) large White or (1) Purple Onion Sliced (Your Flavor of Choice) (8-12) Ounces Mozzarella Cheese Shredded! Layer the above with your Fillets and Top with Same. Bake 350 for 20-30 Minutes, And Enjoy’ Your Guest’s Will Eat till they are Overfull.:smiley:


Spring in here! All those Pics are making me hungry. I fish salt water, Narragansett bay to the Islands, mostly Stripers.


Alaska, that is absolutely the biggest Flat fish I have ever seen!


@oneeyedjack That’s a small one they go 500pds


Out here if one the size of yours got caught. The local news would broadcast " sea monster caught off Newport", " woods hole research center sending marine biologist to investigate. lol