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Any Fishermen In The Group?


I need to get down to the marina and check on my boat. Had a bunch of work done on it in 2017, went out 2 or 3 times then life got in the way of fishing again. I always add stabilizer to my gas so hopefully its still good otherwise im gonna have to drain a full 42 gallon tank. My shop is swamped at the moment, but im gonna get down there in a couple weeks. Ill keep you posted once i get the boat checked out and start fishing on a regular basis again.


Hi Tex,

Katy area here.

We wade fish the gulf side of San Luis Pass and every so often, the west side. Fished West Bay a couple times with a boat friend. We get out and drift croaker in the cuts when the current starts running but we’re careful in there. Pretty good fishing but as you know, strong currents at times. I don’t have a bay boat so the saltwater fishing has mainly been company sponsored client trips. I really like Bay Flats Lodge and Redfish Lodge in the Rockport area, the former for their wade fishing guides.

Been waiting for the water to warm up a little before even thinking about wading, but went to Fayette Co Power Plant Lake yesterday. Been fishing that lake since the mid eighties, a slot lake with lots of healthy fish. Did not exactly kill em but caught about a dozen bass up to about 4 lbs in the morning. Kept 3 smaller fish to eat. None had eggs so assuming spawn is about over there.

Retiring and moving to our place in east Tenn foothills so need to learn a new type of fishing .


@Dumasor, Been wanting to try that lake, have a cousin that fishes it every winter. We took a drive out to the park last year to check out the campsites but have never returned. We usually stay at the Thousand Trails RV Resort near there on the Colorado river. We were in Fayetteville last weekend. We were staying at TT and had driven up to Winchester for lunch at Murphys steakhouse. Drove the backroads between Winchester and Fayetteville looking for property to maybe purchase in the area.


Who loves catfish. One of my favs


@Flogrown Filleted and fried with cole slaw and hush puppies. Now that’s some good eats!:+1:



I gotta ask - do the big cats fight or just pull hard? I fish mostly salt so the hard heads and gaf toppers are just a nuisance fish. My girl would love me if I brought her home some cleaned, fresh catfish. But I tend to chase fish for the fight and only harvest what I like to eat. If them cats put up a fight … I may chase some since I’m determined to learn myself some freshwater fish’n.


Couple years ago while fishing the bay of Green Bay for perch, I hooked into a 36 inch flathead catfish on a 5 ft ultra light rod with 6lb fluorocarbon line. The answer is yes they fight hard. took me over 20 minutes to get him up and then had to net it with one hand as I was fishing alone.


I’m not buy’n it. Everything feels like a fight on an ultra light rod :grin:. I’ve taken worlds of crap from my pops for always fishing with undersized (in his opinion) gear. He still talks about the amberjack that broke my lightest rod fishing Galveston Bay off the North Jetty. He “told me so,” but it one of my best almost successes on the water. I got it close enough to get boat spooked and the broken rod was my fault 'cause I didn’t realize how close he was. If I’d let him pull drag for another 5 or 10 minutes, my father would have erased it from his memory years ago :crazy_face:.

My brother and I have decided to take him on 5 or 6 charters this year. I’m looking forward to getting him started on my Deep Water/Trolling Rig.


30" carp reeled in on a St. Croix 5’ ultralight rod and Shimano 500FL Symetre reel with 4lb. mono, he pulled hard. Took four runs on me with my drag turned way down, about 20 min. to wear him out.



I’m honestly jelly. I’ve nearly bought prepackaged ultralight rigs at least a dozen times in the last dozen years. My snobbery always leads me to put them down and promise myself I need to dive in to the research end 'cause I hate crap gear. IME … buying a rod with a reel attached gets you a rig that will probably survive an outing or two, but adding line to that preselected reel makes me certain I won’t accomplish my goal of fishing ridiculously undersized.

Happens that I broke with this expectation last month 'cause I had a chance to chase some crappie and needed freshwater light. Bought a pretty rig that didn’t survive the back seat of my work truck right next to the med fast rod I’d bought the same day. Evidently the bare rod got jealous of the reel and line and slapped the crappie rig around till it broke in two places. Not even a cratch on the 7’6" blank rod - I shook my head and deposited the crappie rig directly into the trash.

So, I still need to learn about the itty bitties. Part of my problem is that all the ultra lights seem to be spinners. I much prefer baitcasters so I need to find one with a drag range appropriate for keeping an itty bitty rod in one piece.

Thanks for sharing the rig and catch photos. Bucket lister for sure.


@Dred Good gear goes along way in fishing. Light tackle is difficult on a baitcaster but doable. My lightest baitcast setup is a Shimano Aldebaran reel with a Bass Pro Microlight rod (6’ light power fast action 1/16-3/8oz. lure 4-10lb. line). I recently got into fly fishing which is the ultimate ultra light.


Absolutely love St. Croix rods. We do a fishing trip every year to Park Falls, Wis. Just happens to be where the St. Croix factory is located. They have a factory outlet store where you can buy rods, reels, tackle and bait. They also have barrels of 2nd’s at very discounted prices. Usually wind up buying another one every year. Most of my St. Croix rods are paired with Pflueger reels, the President being my favorite.


Pretty much they don’t play around not much testing of the bait, they just swallow it and take off. I would just say they pull hard the bigger ones.


IMO one of the best damn things about a fish fry is the hush puppies. :yum:


Big fisherman here everything from the backwoods creeks to the ocean. I own 436 rod&reel combos last count 28 tackle boxes and numerous buckets with parts reels and rod eyes fishing is my true passion and only time i feel peaceful is on the water. My favorite fish to go for is the trout in the backwoods where i can walk for miles and theres no outside noise from the world just pure nature


And as for catfishing once you hook into a 40 pounder or better its like getting in a tank of pure muscle fight of a lifetime. I also love grappling for catfish if you want a real fishermans high stick your bare hand in a whole and let a big cat grab you nothing like it in the world. But there is a trip i have on my bucket list and thats fishing in florida for tarpon on a fly rod in the shallows


No pups in this pic, but we love em too :+1:t2:


@twentythree nice very nice​:drooling_face::yum::+1::beers:


@twentythree Those fried fillets look delicious. We would have fried catfish & grits for breakfast sometimes when I was a kid. :drooling_face:


Yes sir. Fried fillets and scrambled eggs and grits or home fries is one of my favorite breakfasts. There used to be a joint called the Skyway Diner in Tampa FL at the base of the skyway bridge served Grouper and eggs, another in Marathon (keys) that has fried Conch for breakfast :yum: this is one I whipped up over Christmas vacation at my folks place, bacon wrapped quail breasts with fresh pineapple, scrambled eggs and homemade jalapeño cheddar cornbread. Technically not fish but another sporting breakfast fave.