Any Fishermen In The Group? 🎣

Little one pulled a few bluegill from the local pond…


I live right between lake cumberland and Dale hollow lake. We fish for striper,smallmouth,walleye,large mouth,crappie,bream,and some really nice catfish.


My family and my neighbor’s family are heading out on the ol’ 'toon later to attempt to catch some fish and swim a bit. They were over until 1:30 last night so we’re all starting a bit late…

We’ll be going for white perch and once you find them having more poles in the water means a lot more fish. I warned the dad it’ll likely be us just pulling them off the hooks and chucking them into the live well for a bit around sunset. In a half hour if you find a good school you can catch 30+ fish with 4 kids and 4 adults fishing at the same time. Taste good and fight well too. Too bad they’ve overpopulated the lake.


@FatManOutdoors Welcome to the party!

Here’s a relative of mine with his catch out of Dale Hollow. We usually stayed at Horse Creek when we would go down there.


What the heck is that? We don’t have whatever that is around here.


World record smallmouth


Wow. Didn’t even recognize it.


I live 5 miles from wolf river marina. Goid bream fishing and smallies at horse creek


We used to have a place near there in Kettle, close to Burkesville. Mighty nice area. Great fishing. Was a long ways to Wallyworld but hey, ya gotta make some sacrifice. Kinda wish we still had it.


Here’s a large mouth my son caught on a worm. 23". Only had a live well on the boat at the time. Had him in there but he literally jumped so hard and hour later he popped the lid open and went overboard.

Disappointed he jumped out because that one was one to mount. Biggest bass I’ve ever seen. About 3" short of the PA state record too.

We were drifting and he was at the front of the boat. My wife and I were in the back relaxing in the fishing chairs when he just said, “I got a fish”. I looked over and his pole was bent in half and he was pulling with everything he had. I scrambled to get the net and thought it was a carp by the size until it got closer.


Nothing like the smile on a kids face when they catch a good fish or get a first deer.


Decided to go big. Went to Bass Pro and somehow didn’t go into the gun shop. Weird.

Anyway got a much bigger rod and reel along with some trolling rigs I know work from experience on the Bay. The yellow one might be too much for the rod so if that’s the case my buddy will use it while I run the smaller one.

Couple days ago I nailed this bad boy…

Yes. That’s my toe. Same size as the rock fish… but that means they’re breeding which means I definitely want to get the right equipment to catch them.


10 minutes. I was in my boat for ten whole minutes tonight…

16.2 lbs. Caught it trolling at 2 mph in 55’ water. Don’t even know how deep it was because I wasn’t trying to catch fish yet! I was just getting things going so I could set up my grill and make some burgers.

Well we ended up dumping everything out of the cooler but the ice. I need a bigger cooler.

No I’m NOT telling you what lake I’m on! Lol

I spent a whooping $120 on the rod, reel, rig, leader and line. That fish is worth $100 in meat! I think I’ll be doing this more often…


Ever wonder what fish do?


Can’t believe this was 10 years ago. She’s a freshman in college now.


Couldn’t get the stripers to bite but I could see them.

That bottom one is the bait ball with the stripers circling for feeding

Had one on the line last night but it got tangled with my son’s line so I lost him.

Greatest fishing secret ever! DNR hasn’t even published they’re in this lake yet. I feel like I’m on a gold mine here!

I’ll miss my son.

(Joking because I saw how that bit read… lol)