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Any Fishermen In The Group?


I was wondering if there are any fishermen in the group. I am at the end of deer season and need a new diversion after I clean the hunting guns and put them away. I think I’m going to start by re-stringing my reels.

Fresh or salt water? What do you guys catch where you are?

I am more of a saltwater fishermen, striped bass, spot, croaker, perch mostly.


That would be me. My absolute favorite pass time. I fish mostly saltwater out on the flats at Horseshoe Beach, Fl.
I mainly fish for speckled trout, but as long as I’m out there, I don’t care what I catch. I do a bit of fresh water fishing as well, mostly for speckled perch (crappie to some of you) and occasionally large mouth bass. I used to hit the big waters for grouper but haven’t done that in years.


I mostly fish high lakes here for trout. Occasionally some of the lower lakes for crappie, bluegill and largemouth. If the weather has been good then I fish the rivers for small mouth.


Saltwater fishing for me. Set crab traps, fish for 6 hour’s return for the crabs. Drum, flounder, spot tail, sheepshead, sea bass and trout. Just started shrimping last year, cast net. I won’t start until end of March. Hawg’s until then.


Road glide, you sound like you are from my redneck of the woods. I live 1 mile from Lake Pontchartrain. Fish Bayou lacombe, Salt bayou, the Trestles, the Rigolets, lake Catherine chefpass geohagens canal grand isle she’ll beach and Ansley Mississippi.

I also catch rides and go deep dropping & tuna jigging offshore out of Fourchon, Venice, Ft Morgan and Perdido Pass.


@A-Argh15 Low Country South Carolina. I live on the Black River. 5 miles of the Winyah Bay 10 miles out from there to the Atlantic ocean. In a 18’ CC now or I’d be out tuna fishing. It’s a outdoorsman redneck haven. The only thing I don’t have here is mountains and snow.


Lived in Slidell back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Fished a lot of the areas you fish. Favorite for black bass was bayou bonfuca, (sp?) . Fished the rigolets some and my favorite place was the lighthouse down from Venice at the mouth of the southwest pass of the Mississippi river. We’d catch gulf trout and reds by the boatload there.


Currently living in the SF bay area so I fish more Salt Water, but have been known to throw flies at rainbows, drag a rod and reel in my Harley saddle bag. At the end of this month I will be moving to the Puget Sound area of Washington State so I hope to get some more fishing time in!


@FrankG, I’ve been known to wet a line or two. We’re currently in the middle of bird season here in NC, my shorthair had a great day in the field Tuesday. Just the beginning of last month we did a little jug fishing for catfish on Kerr Lake, Henderson, NC and caught this little guy:

We caught three like that but the biggest one 60-75 lbs
was camera shy. We also fish for Crappie and White Bass in the winter thru spring on our local lakes and rivers. Before returning here five years ago I lived in Cape Coral, Southwest Florida, where I was fortunate enough to fish almost every day the weather would allow. My favorite was top water artificials for Snook and Redfish, in and around backwater mangrove islands.

I would be on my spots at daybreak and be at work by 9:30. I’d make 1000 casts for a handful of strikes, but there’s nothing like the explosion of a 40” fish on a 4” top water plug. Southwest Florida’s not known for offshore fishing but we’d play with some King Mackerel, Tarpon, and the ever present Speckled Trout too.

North Carolina has some great saltwater fishing at the coast as well, I fished offshore out of Morehead City to the gulf stream for Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, and others. I’ve been blessed with all that I’ve done, but I continue to feel the need to feed my addiction to be in God’s outdoors, and fishing is a big part of it for me.


just had to go down to nc coast and do some repairs on my family place on the inter coastal waterway in brunswick county once the work was done i had to hit the water a little before heading home just a couple little whiting and 1 trout which was delicious. I live in mountains of nc and mostly fish for trout and catfish but love to hit the coast whenever i can anytime of year i will be in water somewhere



Dem catfish are huge… Anyone for NOODLIN ? Now that is a ‘scary sport?’ Big smiles!


I call it grappling but yeah im down it is scary but what a rush when you pull out a monster under a rock or log if you havent done it its hard to explain the pure adrenalin like nothing else i wasnt able to do much 2018 cause nc had way to much rain and rivers wasnt right the rain also put a hurt on my trout fishing streams as well hopefully 2019 will be a little dryer



I wish you well for your 2019 season! It is hard to predict with all of the climate changes? It makes a total mess of our ecosystem and environment, for sure!!!


You guys are braver than me… I had a leather back snapping turtle try to take my thumb when I was eleven, not quite ready to try that again :flushed:


In the west Houston area. Get to the coast and south for wade fishing but the water’s a little could right now.

Bass fishing yesterday on Fayette Co Power Plant Lake about 75 miles from Houston and near Lagrange. Caught maybe 15 bass to about 4 lbs. Kept 3 (slot lake) and two had eggs so spawn is clearly on.

Here’s my antique.IMG_0435

Bought this in 1985, an 86 Ranger. Put it in storage when we went overseas and just left it for 15 years. Rebuilt the motor, steering, added new electronics, trolling motor and batteries around 2012. Hull is dead solid but you know what they say about old boats…

We’re retiring to east Tennessee in May so looking forward to smallmouth and trout fishing.


Yeah but if turtle only gets the one finger you still have 9 more lol


Not funny, Dave… Well, maybe a little :rofl:


Rainbow trout from Magic Reservoir in southern Idaho.
I catch these trolling with a woolly-worm, using a 5ft ultra-lite rod with 6lb test and a 4lb leader.
It’s a real challenge to keep control of the boat, not get broken off, and net them by yourself.
But it can be more fun than you should be allowed to have.


I am South of Houston. Keep my boat down near the Bay at Bastrop marina. My normal fishing areas are Lost Lake, Bastrop Bay, Oyster Lake, Christmas Bay, and the San Luis Pass and West Bay areas. You fish those areas much? They are mostly shallow back bays, lots of oyster reefs so they dont get a lot of boat traffic. Seen a lot of them city boys destroy their fancy $60,000.00 bay boats on some of those oyster reefs, especially at night. I was fortunate to have a friend that lived on the bayou that could run the bays in his sleep teach me the area.


@Texprep … I’d love to tag along. You named places I’d love to learn.