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Any BLOWHARDS Out There?

@Turmeric think that was jeff, I remember posting pics of a pistol I picked up. we finally had first frost here, it filled the pot for a squirrel perlo last weekend… this one.

do a few odd lil hitters this lil Barnett 'Trident" crossbow pistol, 3 shot revolving cylinder, 75 lb prod, you need the foot lever to cock and lock

and currently working on making right a Jim Gullette SKASA. I saw one of the prototypes way back when.Jim was a survivalist/backwoodsman way before it became mainstream, and he had came up with a exceptional tool.
He had Taylor Cutlery produce it and they screwed the pooch so bad he blocked the sale of all he could of em. and never came out with em again. it bothered him that much. dangerous arrows (for the shooter) no bearings in the rollers, misfit ill-tempered knife, with a plastic plug joint and misfit hilt, I finally got my hands on one, still in the box. Ive redone the knife, retempering and using brass inplace of that crappy plastic, (also centered the blade) redone the bow, using needle bearing rollers as well as the correct bands, currently im making my own notched arrows out of 7075 alloy(and a few out of titanium and stainless to test) using water/fishing fletch and eskimo 2 blade broadheads ( trying the 160gr and the 125 gr) screw in, from zwickey.
I just wish Jim was still around to see my take on his design. I did change the hilt, went with something more solid, didnt need the dual screwdriver, and I changed the plastic storage tube inside the hilt to a alloy oring sealed one… taylor%20arrow2
this unit had been in the box sealed since the late 70s. looking at the shoddy nylon they used, stored in the box, unused it fell apart…(sheath) makes me think about storing nylon sheaths and holsters now.


Sweet, Thanks for the memories.
OH SHIT now I want a small bow !!!
This thing might get MORE visceral :sunglasses:

DO you use Silca gel in your storage units ?

I think I remember the MC rug

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I use silica gel /dessicant everywhere here, cept the safes, they have golden rods. 100% humidity on a normal day, ya have to do what ya can to stop rot /rust…

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Is that a pressure regulator in the picture of the dismantled blade ?

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smaller cylinder holds a small fishing kit, and 4 storm matches. fits the handle perfectly, with room for 2 wetfire tabs…

cylinders are really cheap, less than 5$ at any pharmacy (CVS,Wallgreens ect) pill caddy, whats good about em, spun aluminum, and has a Oring seal… watertight.

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Nice work, thanks for the details. I’d definitely want you as a neighbor if shtf!

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