M*CARBO Brotherhood

Any BLOWHARDS Out There?


In rummaging through old stuff (to some it’s called cleaning up) I came across my 3 section (.40 cal I think ) blowgun that was new 20 some odd years ago…
While cleaning guns with a friend, yesterday, he mentioned he had a blowgun and low and behold i pull mine out.

Started to shoot it and an hour later the old skill of aiming a tube was starting to come back.
Anyone out here know a good resource for accessories and technique suggestions ?

10yd targets


I used to but then all my Amazon rain forest poison dart frogs died. LOL


I guess you became hopping mad about that ?


No, but I have an old didgeridoo somewhere​:joy::joy:


I had the whole set up over 30 yrs ago… The climbing spikes, kamas, and even the Ninja outfit. Yes, an American Ninja (I am sure that Osaka would be turning in his grave if he heard that statement?) However his deciple Stephen Hayes was a ‘master’ and deserved all that equipment… Guess that is why I stuck with Tae Kwon Do… @Turmeric1 What is YOUR definition of ‘Blowhard’ anyway? LMAO


Someone that uses blowguns of course. I would not dare anyother meaning in this group :superhero::superhero::beer:



Laughing! Cheers to that! M*CARBO Brotherhood rocks for sure!!!


If i did that I would have to change my AKA to “HIDDEN TREASURE” .


@Wedge guess all your frawgs “croaked” then brother???


A sure classic. LOL lol LOL.


Funny. Don’t quit your day jobs. :rofl:


here all week, try the veal…:smiling_imp:


Been wondering what this thread is about, good I dropped by

Great shooting! Looks like fun. There’s just something viscerally rewarding shooting something that requires more physical effort. That’s why I love target shooting with my compound bow.

A blowgun, the newer slingshots all look like the same kind of fun


Hell I have not had a DAY JOB since 1987 (THANK GOD).:boom::boom::boom::boom::+1:


With the blowgun you can do it in any room of the house.
Sordof like shooting PCP airguns.


As you can see the black target has lots of holes in it.
I had been fooling around developing a sighting device.
the groups were from the efforts of designing this sight.
Focusing on the target (with both eyes open) the sight picture become a clear unobstucted view (slit) between the sides of the orange tabs on both sides of the front of the tube. if target is centered then that gives windage, the flat surfaces at the top give elevation.
At 30’ the slit that appears is about1/2" wide.
I am now working on a way to make it adjustable for different distances.


Here is an updated sighting system for my blowgun.
Thiunk you are shooting about 10/15 yrds.
Looking at the target(not the front sight) with both eyes open you will see in stereoscopic vision.
PLace target between the tabs and using the flat top of the tabs align and BLOW. it takes prac

tice for elevation

THis looks like a KILLER BG


Is that a Career air rifle in the rest?


you mean the PCP ?
Sam Yang .357 500cc Recluse with Hawke 17-420 scope.
It makes a lot of noise so that is the reason for the can.
The target is 5 shots after sighting at 25yds…


Ah, I knew it looked familiar. Sam Yang makes the Career 707, too.


Just looked it up !
.22@1240fps. that is supersonic.
I feel pretty good with .@81gr/890FPS

I bought that gun at the gun show the local club sponsors in August. I bought it “like new” it had a pin head rust spot on the top of the barrel for $300.00.
R U into PCP’s?

I got started into PCP after I sent my S2K in to KT for barrel recall.
If you could go back to early to late May threads there was a BROTHER that started a airgun thread. That is what started the PCP’s for me.