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Any Benelli M4 Owners Out There?

I was thinking about getting one. Are there any cons besides the price? And what kind of upgraded have you added thus far?


image I got a Benelli M2 actually, and cost savings were part of the reason. I looked at th M4, and it is baddass! If you want it and can swing it then hail yea! I was attracted to a semi auto shotgun - this was before the bullpups became prevalent which may or may not have swayed me - and the M2 caught my eye right away and hundreds cheaper too. I liked the classic shotgun lines.

I upgraded it with single point sling, extended tube, and Streamlight TL-2 laser/light combo. Sweet!image image


The M2 is inertia driven, correct? No issues with reliability with the light mount? I’ve read around once you start putting stuff on it could become an issue. How is the M2 holding up thus far? I was tempted when I saw a new M4 H20 going for $1,500 plus tax.


Sorry for the double post… but I ended up getting an M4. I was thinking to set it up as home defense currently. To me the full mag tube is a must. So I’ll have to change a few parts to keep it compliment with the law.

Has anyone here had any experiance with Briley? Is the price and the current 3 to 5 week turnaround time worth it? They seem to be popular with 3 gun. But does that translate to HD as well?


I own a M4. Have done tons of upgrades all myself. I used Freedom Fighter Tactical, Benelliparts.com, and GGG Tactical. Everything is 922® compliant.

Here are the upgrades:
FFT Titanium Extended Mag Tube,
FFT Red Mag Follower,
FFT Trigger, Hammer, Disconnect, and Spring Kit,
FFT Extended Worry Free Shell Lifter,
FFT WOLFF GUNSPRINGS Mag Spring for Full Length Tube,
Benelli Collapsible Stock,
GGG Oversized Bolt Release Pad kit,
GGG Oversized Charging Handle,
Esstac Velcro Shotgun Card.

Everything works great and is a great shotgun.

If you have any questions let me know.


Nice! Post some pics of it please??:+1:

How do you like the GG&G parts? Was the collapsible stock worth it?

I’ve heard the FFT where not drop in parts and needed fitting did that hold true for you?

I was thinking about getting the Briley trigger and a carrier comp ti mag tube. (Comes with a follower and spring)

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Welcome to the MCarbo Brothers! @Boomchucker Like JB said, ‘You really do need to follow up and post some pictures of your M4…’ There is a very good reason why our BROTHERHOOD stands out… :grin::+1:


The oversized charging handle and oversized pad are great and make operating a lot easier. They are a must if you will be using gloves. GGG sells the oversized pad by itself, but you have to drill and die bolt release lever. You can also buy a kit that comes with a pre-drilled and died lever, I went with that option.

I like the collapsible stock. Fully collapsed I can get it into my two gun AR bag. It also gives you more options regarding length of pull. It is really easy to install too. The biggest drawback is of course the price of the stock and the cost of 922® compliance. With the factory stock, you are basically removing one foreign part and replacing it with two.
I found the factory stock a bit too long for me, so I bought a Urbino which has a shorter length of pull. The only grip I have with the Urbino was that the cheek riser crack and fell off during a shotgun class. I contacted the company and they said they would replace it, but never made good on it.

I did have some issues with the FFT trigger group fitting. The trigger, safety disconnect and springs all went in fine. I ran into issues with the hammer sticking in the housing. I emailed FFT and was told everything was cut to Benelli spec, but Benelli itself would grind down the parts to fit when the gun was assembled. It turns out I didn’t need the US made hammer because I already had enough 922® compliant parts, so I just kept the Benelli hammer rather than taking it to a gunsmith or grinding it myself. Todd at FFT does offer support for his products and will help with 922®.

I don’t know anything about Briley, but Carrier Comp has a great reputation.

I also forgot to include I have a Taran Tactical Oversized Safety.


This is the final product.


From the factory with original parts.


Thanks @Fowler232 great 1st hand knowledge, it’s very much appreciated!

I think I’ll get the Briley trigger due to it being about the same price and it’s installed by professionals. The drawback is the 3 to 5 week turnaround time. Have to wait on the mag tube anyways… My USA made parts would be: disconnector, hammer, trigger, full length mag tube, and follower. That’s more than enough to put the C-stock on if I want to later.

I think I’ll end up with a GG&G oversize bolt release pad and an over sized charging handle. Maybe an oversized safety.


3 to 5 weeks honestly isn’t that bad. FFT is almost always out of stock and I had to wait at least that long for the parts to come back in stock and ship. Plus with professionals doing it, you don’t have to worry about chasing down tiny springs if they shoot out.

The oversized upgrades are definitely worth it in my opinion.


just bought an M4 yesterday, I can’t wait to get it and start throwing parts on it, to bad we have take off all those perfectly nice factory parts and replace them with just about the same other perfectly nice parts for a 7 round mag tube, it will be worth it though.


@nidgaf I know that’s right…

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I have a Benelli M4 H20. Looking for a freedom fighter trigger part. Great shotgun