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Any Airgunners Out There?

Not exactly a firearm, but anyone out there have high powred pcp airguns? Not sure where to start I am new to the fourm. I bought a evanix rex .22 not long ago to take out and have some fun in the desert. Eventually maybe do some small game hunting once I get the new scope sighted in. I’ve been able to take it out a few times and surprised of its power/accuracy every time for a air gun. I shoot 29gr pellets at around 900fps and have shot clear through a 2x4. Does anyone else have experence hunting with airguns?

(I was trying to post a picture but the upload kept tmimg out)

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Nice gun.

What kind of shooting/hunting do you want to do ?
What is your spread in # of shots and preasure drop before your accuracy drops off ?
At what distance did you go through a 2x4 ?
What kind of sight

I normally shoot my s2k, but I got this so I would have less restrictions on shooting it closer to home. I’ve been trying to get a suppressor for it because it sounds like a nail gun going off, but the company keeps sending me the wrong item. I havent gone hunting yet but hope to in the future. I shot birds with less powerful airguns and it drops them like a rock. Noramly when I’m shooting it i can get about a 3-4 inch 6 shot group at around 30 yards with a cheap red dot brfore I spent 10 minutes pumping it back up to 3500psi by hand. On some reviews it said the fps drops by 30 per shot. That night I could only shoot as far as the headlights went. I was trying to test out my 5x20 atn day/night scope but couldn’t see where the shots were landing. This weekend everything should be sighted in.


Not an Airgun, but a Benjamin Nitro Piston springer. Shoots around 1000 to 1100 FPS depending on the pellets used. It’ll flat blow squirrels out of my pecan trees. There are YouTube videos of Jim Shockey using this model on coyotes.


Nice I had a .22 browning 500 maninum Springer pistol it was fun and i could drop birds with it like crazy until around 1000 shots and 2 months in some internals broke. right after I mounted a scope on it as well. The fustration on trying to get it fixed lead me to the evanix

By the way does amyone have problems uploading photos on your mobil devise? im trying to and it keeps timing out.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN that not is an airgun.
This is 1 of mine when discharged it goes “POOOF” takes out coyote and does not disturb the DOGS in the hood.
As a matter of fact they sniff the coyote in disbelief.


Nice you got the dragon claw .50 i believe? Where did you get your suppressor wolf airguns?

No a Recluse .357 (sam yang) bought it for pennies at the Airgun show in town
I just mounted the HAWKE SIDEWINDER


Friend that is an airgunner/millwright $80.00


Thats Nice! How well are its suppresssing capabilities and how long to design/make? Ive been trying to order one for my airgun but they keep sending me the wrong product so i have 2 suppressors made by them that do not work for my airgun…

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Custom made for me
For me it was that week.
Would like to ask him first
I would describe the sound as “POOFPH”.
I have heard runners on my street that make more noise.
On cronograph it runs 890 US full charge/886 S full charge.(210 bar)
POI same

Does the maker have a website or a way to conctact them? Im having no luck with the company im going through now.

where do you live ?
Why do you pump by hand?
I have SBCA tank. $6.44 for about 100 shots .357 or 300shots .25

I live in arizona and I plan on buying one in the future, but for now im trying to save up for a better place or some land and dont have $$$ to drop on a tank. Its not a bad work out unless it’s 80-100° out then it sucks. Noramly i go out with a buddy and we will swich off pumping.

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So it is a duel benefit thing. exercise and fun at the same time.
If you do not have a close refill station it is a pain.

do you know about the yellow list forairgunners exhange sordof like a clearing house for used stuff. I got a tank that was still good for tears and a foster whip for $ 280 this spring. then
It needed certified and the old owner did not want to do that.

Just got back from buying groceries and why not go next door and shoot. I got my FX NO LIMIT adjustable scope rings mounted this morning and shot the Recluse in.
25 yds Diablo 81gr pellets set on high power5 shots. Not too bad for a $300 gun. More dead coyotes


No I havent I’ll check that out, and nice group! You think a .22 piledriver 29gr around 44fpe could drop a coyote?


At what distance are we speaking?
I know that a 36gr .22lf can down deer at close to 150yds…
Eye shot one with a 4x scope.

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A lung/heart shot @100-150yds? Or would you have to make it a head shot? Never gone hunting but I wish to in the future that’s why i ask.


If possible I like head shots. you either miss or outright kill. it is not what most folks do but… .


Picked up my September issue of GUNS MAGAZINE and found this on page 58…100 round belt, manually adjustable rate of fire from 500 rpm (Grease Gun or Sten) to 1200 rpm (MG42-style), MSRP $600.